Gem tourmaline mine for sale 17 acres - southern calif


Subject: Gem tourmaline mine for sale 17 acres - southern calif
Lost Valley (Cryo-genie) Gem Mine, 17 Acres Lode Claim Near Warner Springs, Southern California. Facet Quality Blue, Pink, Red, and Green Tourmaline. Blue Aquamarine & Pink Morganite Beryl. Clear, Citrine & Smoky Quartz and Other Rare And Valuable Mineral Specimens Produced at This World Famous, World Class Locality. This mine is currently the largest producing commercial gem-mine in the area.
This is an outstanding producer with a proven track-record and fine tourmaline gems can sell for hundreds of dollars a carat! This mine has been called "the tourmaline find of the century" and is expected to produce for decades to come. Nothing is heard of these world-class mines for they are kept well guarded secrets. The fact is, Southern California produces millions of carats in fine gem stones, mostly pinks, blues and reds, the most highly desired colors for fine jewelry. Also cats-eye, bi & tri-color, and watermelon tourmalines are produced. The deep-blue gem aquamarine crystal shown on matrix is over five inches across, weighs thousands of carats, and recently sold for $25,000.00. A number of other individual specimens have each sold in the $100,000.00 price range.
Located within the Cleveland National Forest at an altitude just over 3000 feet and heralded as the NEW CALIFORNIA TOURMALINE DISCOVERY, this is a turn-key operation. The Lost Valley Tourmaline Mine produces top-quality transparent colored gemstones for facet-cutting, cabochons, beads, specimens and carving. In addition to the gem crystals, this mine produces large museum-grade mineral specimens which sell for tens of thousands of dollars each and are found in room size cavities in the rock.
The 17 acre claim covers approximately the same size area as 18 football fields, and this claim coveys legal title to all minerals with extra-lateral rights. You will have gem crystals to sell for decades to come. There has been a tremendous amount of public interest in this property which was recently documented by The Los Angeles Natural History Museum, Mineralogical Record, Gems & Gemology (the Gemological Institute of America) and has appeared in numerous trade publications including the cover of Rock & Minerals Magazine.
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