Ge high ic TKL12S 1200 amp 1200A a rms-9 TS20LSIGT2


Subject: Ge high ic TKL12S 1200 amp 1200A a rms-9 TS20LSIGT2
Breaker Frame Catalog Number: TKL12S
Rating Plug Catalog Number: TR12S1200K
Each of these High IC Breakers have been used very little and are in Excellent condition both Externally and Internally. Facility had replaced all of their GE TB Style Tri-Break Circuit Breakers with this type shortly before factory shut down. Unit and contacts are in like New Condition. Micro VersaTrip Unit includes Short Time Delay / Pickup, Long Time Delay, Current Setting, Ground Fault Delay / Pickup, and Instantaneous Pickup. Unit comes with Auxiliary Switch option.
Breaker Frame List Price: $12536
We also have the hardware available that connects these breakers to the Spectra Series Motor Control Centers that they came out of.
We have a 7 day money back return and 30 day warranty.
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