Fireflir FF110 thermal imager imaging camera flir ir


Subject: Fireflir FF110 thermal imager imaging camera flir ir
FLIR worked closely with active firefighters to produce FireFLIR, the optimal thermal imagins system for fire fighting applications. FireFLIR is built by the industry leader in infrared imaging specifically for he demanding fire fighting environment.
Applying 25 years of imaging experience, FLIR disigned FireFLIR using cutting edge technologies to provide reliable, high-definition imaging. FLIR then turned to the experts in fire fighting, firefighters themselves, to understand and address their ergonomic and functional needs in a thermal imaging solution.
The result of theis combined effort is a fire fighting tool that helps firefighters to see in total darkness and smoke. This hilps firefighters save lives and property.
Easily attached to the underside brim of most standard US fire fighting helmets, FireFLIR is quickly transferred between helmets for shared use. The system is among the lightest on the market and balanced for natural weight distribution.
FireFLIR is a completely Self-Contained Viewing Apparatus (S.C.V.A) with no external cables or componints to catch or to impair movement. Internal sensors automatically adjust the system during use for optimal operation. The operator simply clicks the battery in place and the system is ready to use with no need for further adjustment.
The FireFLIR thermal imager from FLIR is a revolutionary new piece of equipment in the fire fighting arsenal, and sets a new standard in the fire market.
FireFLIR is neither a personal protection nor a life support device.
First arriving units can use FireFLIR to size up the structure and locate the fire floor, the side of the structure involved, and the extent of the fire. With the help of FireFLIR, officers can quickly and accurately survey the structure as they arrive on the scene. FireFLIR can effectively scan exposures to determine the actual thermal load and probable risk to adjoining structures. Sweeping the smoke plume with FireFlir can help reveal the presence of flaming brands, or other hidden heat sources. The color palette can be used during size up to ensure quick recognition of particularly warm objects or areas. After the initial size up, incident commanders can quickly hand FireFLIR to search and rescue, or attack crews.
Quickly mounted to the underside brim of most standard search crew helmets, FireFLIR greatly augments fire scene search oerations. Since it is essential tohat the primary search be carried out as quickly as possible, FireFLIR is a valualbe hands free tool that allows fire fighters to rapidly cover as much territory as possible. FireFLIR provides search and rescue crews with situational awareness in totally dark, smoke filled environments. When crawling through the fire scene, search crews will find FireFLIR helpful in identifying and avoiding dangerous conditions like holes in the floor, hanging wires, and open doorways. FireFLIR's ability to recognize thermal signatures on doors, walls, floors, chairs, beds, and other furniture provide search crews with vital information. FireFLIR's broad dynamic range helps search crews see objects of vastly differing temperatures simultaneously. After the primary search is complete, FireFLIR is quickly and easily handed off to secondary search, or attack crews. Rescue crews may choose to use FireFLIR in the monochrome mode for easier object recognition.
Using FireFLIR's hands free operation, attack crews can effectively navigate in total darkness. FireFLIR will help attack crews identify potential flashover or back draft conditions, determining where ventilation and hose lines are needed. Using FireFLIR, attack crews can canstantly scan entire rooms, looking for victims, fire fighters in trouble, fire extension, and ceiling-level heat wave build-up. Attack crews may choose to use FireFLIR in the monochrome mode for easier object recognition.
During overhaul, FireFLIR allows for hand held, or helmet mounted use. FireFLIR is an excellent aid in scanning spaces around the seat of a fire to identify possible fire extension. Suspicious areas can then be opened, quickly inspected, and extinguished if necessary. Before and after knockdown, FireFLIR is also useful for checking for fire extension. When FireFLIR is used to view all the burned material and look for hot spots, the possibility of quick, complete extinguishment and early release of companies is increased. Fire fighters may opt for a color palette in the overhaul mode to aid in quick "hot spot" identification.
20 min @ 80, 5 min @ 150, 2 min @ 315
3.6 lbs (4.35 lbs with battery)
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