Astronomy & biomedical ccd low light imaging camera


Subject: Astronomy & biomedical ccd low light imaging camera
Andor DZ436N-BV iKon Imaging Camera
Andor’s DZ436N-BV is designed primarily with scientific imaging in mind. The 2048 x 2048 array and 13.5µm square pixels provide high resolution and dynamic range and the camera is equally effective for both low and high light imaging. It is ideally suited to biomedical imaging and astronomy applications. The system boasts negligible dark current with thermoelectric cooling down to –70°C incorporates a water circulation unit to achieve optimum cooling performance in all ambient temperatures without the risk of condensation. This camera also offers an integrated shutter and lens attachment.
Min operating temp of –100oC with TE cooling
Negligible dark current without the aggravation or safety concerns associated with either LN2 or gas circulation units.
Provides excellent cooling capability in all ambient air conditions without the need for refrigeration units.
Excellent for applications such as DNA chip reading, microscopy and astronomy
Guaranteed hermetic vacuum seal
Ultimate reliability and sustained lifetime performance characteristics
Front- or back-illuminated design
Offers the best price/performance options
Broadband AR coating for optimum imaging performance in the visible region
Optimized pixel size for dynamic range and high resolution
Friendly Windows user interface offers system integration, automation and advanced data manipulation facilities
Built in March 2004, this camera is supplied with a controller card and 6 months warranty.
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