6 storesonline websites/licenses with eci payment proc.


Subject: 6 storesonline websites/licenses with eci payment proc.
It is the responsibility of the Merchant Account owner (you) to come up with the ideas, product, service to advertise on your website. StoresOnline is NOT responsible for the success of your website(s). StoresOnline gives you the tools and knowledge to use internet marketing strategies to help make your website a success. It is up to the merchant account owner to do the work needed. Just building a website and publishing it does not get sales. It is all in the marketing (getting to the first page of search engines, using the right meta keywords and descriptions, etc.)
* Internet Conference binder with 10 tabbed sections to take you from start to finish for implementing your internet idea.
* Promotional tool kit certificate for the use of all the merchant tools (eg. Keyword Analysis Tools, Reverse Search Tools, virtual selling tools)
* Complete store building step by step getting started packet Platinum Edition tells you how to buld your perfect website and how to get sales fast!!!
* up-to-date online web promotion tutorials
* everything you need to know to set up your merchant account and who to contact. ()
Below is some information on how easy it is to use the StoresOnline storebuilder to get your internet business up and running within a couple of weeks. The company says within a day but you have to apply for the ECI processor and get your merchant account set up with StoresOnline. You can start building your website immediately and this is done in a point and click environment. It really was easy to get our first website up and running.
Discover the advantage you can have with StoresOnline's eCommerce training and powerful technology. StoresOnline provides the tools and training Internet merchants need to compete and win in the eCommerce marketplace. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, utilizing our tools and training will give you the advantage over average, online merchants.
* A full range of eServices for the small business owner
* Industry-leading, feature-rich eCommerce platform
* Top-rate Internet training and education
* Internet marketing specialists
If You Build It, They Will Come!!!!!!!
StoresOnline training is available from a variety of sources to suit individual interests needs. Our training provides Internet merchants with the insights and methods necessary to gain the advantage over average, online merchants.
In addition, we believe the entrepreneurs and small business owners who fully utilize the marketing training are far more likely to succeed online than those who do not.
StoresOnline Pro eCommerce Platform Specifications:
StoresOnline Pro eCommerce Platform Specifications:
StoresOnline, Inc. is an eCommerce solutions provider offering first-rate Web hosting services. To provide the level of reliability and security today's eCommerce businesses require, StoresOnline has expended numerous resources to build and maintain a top-of-the-line data center:
Low monthly hosting fee of $24.95 cd/month
* SSL certificate provided by VeriSign (SSL certificate provider for the top 10 U.S. banks and 93 percent of Fortune 500 companies)
* A physically secure data center monitored 24/7. Facility access is limited to experienced IT personnel
* Multiple firewalls to prevent unwarranted intrusion by hackers and viruses
* Regular updating and patching of system software and antivirus utilities
* Adherence to a strict password policy for all employees and StoresOnline merchants
* Redundancy built throughout the entire hosting infrastructure, including a clustered storage environment, redundant servers, power circuits, Internet Service Providers, Internet connections, and more
* Failover redundancy in key areas, helping to ensure zero downtime in the event of a server or database failure
Regular Backup with Onsite and Offsite Storage
* Backup tapes stored onsite and offsite
* Tapes stored offsite in a secure granite repository that is highly resistant to all types of natural or nuclear disasters
Facility Maintenance and 24/7 Monitoring
* An Uninterrupted Power Supply and Backup Generator, coupled with a fire suppressive gas release system to guard against fire and power outage
* Dedicated air conditioning, ensuring a temperature-controlled environment for proper hardware functionality
* Data center vital signs monitored on a 24/7 basis
* IT staff members on call 24/7 to correct problems if an essential component fails
* An established Intrusion Detection System
* Weekly vulnerability scanning by Security Metrics
* Multiple T3 lines (fractional) to ensure a high level of bandwidth for data transmissions
* Multiple Internet Service Providers
* More than enough bandwidth to handle the high number of requests received by StoresOnline servers
* Enterprise-level routers, switches, and networking (Cisco Systems technologies)
* Clustered environment (redundancy)
* EMC2 storage (enterprise-level RAID 5 technology)
* Oracle 10G (RAC) database (enterprise-level RAID 1 technology)
Product Features Build EnvironmentConstruct your website in a simplified and intuitive interface. With the clicks of your mouse, you will be able to add and edit content (e.g. images, products, headings, sitemaps, subpages, links, forums, etc.) in any page of your site; you have total control in a custom, drag-and-drop environment. By choosing this environment to build your website, you will discover the simplicity and ease of the process.
Page/Design Maintenance and ManagementAdding page content, customizing the site's look and feel, and publishing content to the Internet couldn't be easier. Page content (such as text, images, products, links, headers, footers, etc.) can be easily customized, added, and changed, whether in the point-and-click environment or a traditional environment. Plus, you can complement your products and services with a completely custom design. Such designs include aesthetic and functional components, creating a greater sense of security and professionalism. Then, instantly publish your changes and updates (making the changes and updates live on the Internet) only when you are completely satisfied with their appearance.
StoresOnline's software platform has continuously developed over the past decade, evolving to fit the needs of the dynamic, global economy. Today, the development platform (StoresOnline Pro) sets the precedent as small business owners and entrepreneurs offer their products and services to the world. Storefront design gallery
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Colorizable and Customizable Preformatted Designs:
Colorizable and Customizable Preformatted Designs: