6 m/a-com panther 500P radios w/ multi rack charger


Subject: 6 m/a-com panther 500P radios w/ multi rack charger
6 M/A-COM Panther 500P Radios w/ Multi Rack Charger!!
ALREADY PROGRAMMED!!! BML 161 79 Universal Rapid TYCO
* six M/A-Com Panther 500P Radios (Model KRD 103 150/7 R1B) with one Operator's Manual
This Panther 500P (System Version) portable radio is a lightweight and full-featured radio that provides reliable two-way communications on 1 to 16 channels. It contains three (3) buttons along with a twelve (12) button DTMF pad on the front panel. Any channel may be scanned with or without a priority level. Once channel can be programmed for Priority 1 (P1) and another for Priority 2 (P2), with any or all remaining channels programmed as non-priority channels (S). There is also an Emergency G-STAR mode transmission capability. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides status display of the radio functions along with the display of the selected channel number.
The Universal Device Connector (UDC), located on the right side of the radio, provides connections for external audio accessories. This connector also allows the radio system personnel to connect programming equipment and program the per-channel and overall radio features. Features that are programmable on a per-channel basis include:
* Channel Guard Encode/Decode (Analog or Digital)
* Optional Squelch Tail Elimination (STE) for Analog Channel Guard
* CG/DCG Decode Tones/Codewords
* CG/DCG Encode Tones/Codewords
* Automatic Number Identification (ANI) [G-STAR non-Emergency format]
* RF Power (High or Low)
* Microprocessor Oscillator Shift in Receive Mode
* Microprocessor Oscillator Shift in Transmit Mode
* Channel Spacing (12.5/15 kHz or 25/30kHz)
* Telephone Interconnect DTMF Keypad enable
Features that are programmable on an overall radio basis include:
* Emergency G-STAR (with or without Home Channel)
* Three (3) DTMF Auto-Dial Telephone Numbers
* Carrier Control Time (CCT)
* Hi/Low RF Power Button Enable/Disable
* six M/A-Com Panther 500P Rechargeable Battery Packs
* Part # BKB 191 203/500 R5A
* 7.5V Nickel Cadmium Battery
* one M/A-Com Universal Multi-Unit Rapid Charger
* with Operator's Manual
* Designed to charge M/A-Com personal radio battery packs at up to six packs at one time
* charges most battery packs in approximately one hour
* six M/A-Com Leather Cases w/ Belt Loops & Swivels
* six M/A-Com Spring Whip Antennas
* two Battery Pack Sleeves (Part # BML 161 51/005 R)
* Mounting kit with instructions for the Rack Charger
Be sure to check out the pictures to see the quality and condition of this package and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.