5099 gas funnel cake fryer - 95,000 lp btu burner


Subject: 5099 gas funnel cake fryer - 95,000 lp btu burner
In a class by itself, this six cake fryer works best with 100 lb tank(s) - and if you are going to "piggy back" the smallest should still be 100 lb.to get the pressure to feed this monster.
Capacity six 8 inch funnel cakes. At $3 each, imagine how successful you would be at a carnival or festival! Equipped with one "awesome" jet burner for maximum efficiency and high BTU output.
Features: non-electric thermostat - holds your cooking oil temperature - reduces cooking oil absorption - increases profits, safety pilot and drain. When mounting in a concession trailer, be sure to allow minimum 10 inches (25.4 cm) clearance required on two sides and rear. All Stainless Steel construction.
Be sure to use the square skimmer frequently to keep the bottom of the tank clean and clear for greater efficiency. And be sure your temperature is right before adding more mix. We sell the CART shown ine illustrations above, Lift-off Molds, the World's Greatest Toppings #5137, #5138, #5140 and #5146 as well as the #5041 Whipped Cream Machine - in the store.
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