5 ton "secord" overhead crane system (bridge & hoist)


Subject: 5 ton "secord" overhead crane system (bridge & hoist)
Available - "Used" 5 Ton Overhead Crane System
Manufactured by: Secord-Harris of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Model No. T-50, Serial No. 846319, Top-Running
Capacity : 5 Ton, Span : 25 Feet
Trolley HP: .5 , Bridge HP: 1.5 , Hoist HP: 5
Hoist Travel Along Bridge ( Side to Side) - 20'
Hoist Lift Distance ( Up and Down) - 20'
End Trucks' Rail Wheels Centerline Distance - 6'
Crane Travels on Top of Train Rails Mounted on I-Beams
Note: Bridge Power Transfer Rod Between Gearbox and Drive Wheel Needs Repair; Unit was cut with Torch; the Reason why I Don't know.