49" eimeldingen heavy duty rotary table


Subject: 49" eimeldingen heavy duty rotary table
49" EIMELDINGEN Heavy Duty Rotary Table With Motorized Tilt & Rotation, Model WS8-1250 D5 D7.5 MM, S/N 308616 (New 1987)
Distance from bottom of table base to top of working
Distance from centerline of table to bottom of table
base with table tilted forward 90 degrees
Maximum table load in horizontal position
Maximum table load in vertical position
Approximate time to tilt table from 0 degrees to 90
HEIDENHAIN digital readout with display graduated to 90 degrees for table tilt and
360 degrees for table rotation. Angular values can be read in degrees, minutes
and seconds to a resolution of 1 sec. of arc, or in degrees and decimal parts of a
degree to a resolution of .0005 degrees.
Hand-held operator's control pendant with selector switches for continuous or
intermittent travel of rotation and tilt, left and right rotation, and tilt forwards to 90
degrees and backwards to flat
Mechanically actuated table clamping with hydraulically actuated release
Fine hand adjustment of table tilt and rotation
3/60/440 Volt electrics and control cabinet
(F.O.B. Truck, Hauppauge - Long Island, NY)