480 pcs toshiba 1GB nand flash chips #TC58DVG02A1FT00


Subject: 480 pcs toshiba 1GB nand flash chips #TC58DVG02A1FT00
480 Pcs Toshiba 1GB NAND Flash Chips #TC58DVG02A1FT00
Up for sale is a box of 480 Toshiba 1GB Small Block (16K) Nand Flash Memory Chips. The part number is #TC58DVG02A1FT00. This item is also referred to as Toshiba MOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Gate CMOS.
Toshiba developed NAND Flash technology as a medium that would allow memory to be used in popular memory cards such as SD, CompactFlash, and USB Flash drives. This NAND Flash device is 1 GB in density and features high-speed programming capability, high-speed erasing, small block size (only 16K) and low cost.
This device has been optimized for solid state, audio & image file storage. It works with solid state disk drives, digital cameras, audio appliances, set-top boxes and industrial storage devices.
* Memory Cell Allay: 528 x 256K x 8
* Block Sz: (16K + 512) bytes
* Voltage: 2.7V-3.6V (average 3.3V)
* Mode Control: Serial Input/Output
* NAND EPROM: 528 bytes x 32 pages x 8192 blocks.
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