-48 vdc, 10,000 amp power distribution bay


Subject: -48 vdc, 10,000 amp power distribution bay
¬ We have ( 6)¬ of these Lorain¬ 1231H1 -48 VDC, 10,000 amp Distribution Bays with 16 400 amp breakers in each and¬ (¬ 4 )¬ DC Static Power Plants Lorain 1231H1 each rated for 10,000 amps¬ with twenty four 400 amp telco disconnects breakers in each, all with full metering, fuses, overhead bus kits¬ Also available are¬ ( 8 )¬ 1,200 amp bolted pressure switches to feed the battery plant 68,000 total distribution amps 100,000 amps in all of NEW! high quality network power plant.
The Lorain¬ 1231H1 model, provides versatile and flexible -48 VDC power designed to provide protected power distribution and simplified monitoring, control and system diagnostics. The 1231H1 have both main bay and supplemental bays featuring cable turning sections. The bus bar for both the main bay and supplemental bays are predrilled, overhead, bolt-on bar wich permits on-line expansion of the plant.
These units have¬ Complete system control; with smart DGU control and monitoring unit.¬ .The SMART DGU is the state-of-the-art in power system monitor stand can be used as the single unit monitoring and controlling for your system.
provides the added stability required in earth quake zones.
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