4 elmeco granita margarita bellini machines


Subject: 4 elmeco granita margarita bellini machines
Business Concept Elmeco Granita Margarita Bellini Machines
Spring has sprang all over the US. All the gloom doomers are hiding their heads because the cold wave they anticipated never came. Its time to make plans for the new business wave "Granita Margarita Belini Machine Rental" (part time activity very profitable). This is your best opportunity to start.
A) Four Elemeco Granita Machines with less than a year in use
B) Four Specially made carriers to transport the machines safely
C) 20 cases of Granita that will yield you over 1500 in sales
E) Training (by phone) with sharing idea on how to start and run the business.
F) Training on maintaining the machines
H) Guarentee of more machines at the same price for a year
I) Support with marketing of rentals
J) Support with management and accounting