4 cairns iris thermal imager cairnsiris imaging helmets


Subject: 4 cairns iris thermal imager cairnsiris imaging helmets
1. Advanced new focal plane array technology provides a ten times better image. You see more detail, can recognize objects and persons faster, allowing the user to perform the firefighting more quickly, bringing a situation under control.
2. Helmet mounted technology allows for a hands free use of this tool. This frees the user to locate victims and remove them while maintaining the vision, showing the way out. The user can also locate the seat of a fire, whether free burning or smoldering and thus lead the hose line crew where they will be most effective.
3. Crawling with CairnsIRIS means while looking into the Heads-Up display you are able to pivot the helmet mounted sensor upwards, so as you crawl forward the sensor shows what's ahead at all times and you never lose sight of your objective.
4. CairnsIRIS "averages" temperatures as it is scanned through an area. This prevents the "white-out" effect. While looking into a high heat source you can still see peripherals and depth.
5. Weights 7 lbs 5 ozs, which includes the helmet whose stand alone weight is 2 lbs 11 ozs. Processor unit, mounted on waist belt weights 3 lbs. Total weight of all components for CairnsIRIS, excluding helmet is 7 lbs 10 ozs. Accountability is always present because CairnsIRIS maintains its view of the area in front of your eyes.
6. The only annual costs to maintain CairnsIRIS will be the replacement of the anti-fog solution and lens wipers. There is no annual calibration or other maintenance required.
7. Safety features in "heads-up" display include low battery and high temperature warnings. Also includes breakaway frangible link cable to match performance of helmet.
8. CairnsIRIS technology performs best in higher temperatures and doesn't display the whiting out characteristics. Put IRIS through its paces and note how the heat of a fire increases the detail and resolution. CairnsIRIS likes it hot and will even withstand the same environment your SCBA will stand up to.
9. CairnsIRIS has undergone the same NFPA testing as your SCBA are required to undergo before being labeled as NFPA compliant. This includes the oven, flashover and drop testing.
10. Passing CairnsIRIS from one member to another becomes a moot point because of the long duration of its Nicad batteries. Typically, these 30 minute "real-time" batteries will last from 1¼ to 1½ hours, when they are discharged/charged in the unit provided. Plenty of time to complete virtually any interior fire ground operation.
Faster and Safer Firefight-With CairnsIRIS size-up is faster and more effective. One look at the structure gives you the point of entry more quickly. Ventilation is quicker and more accurate so heat and gases are released where its needed most. Signs of potential flashover, once hidden by thick smoke, are now more visible. See and avoid floors that have been weakened from fire below. Locate the seat of the fire faster and bring your water directly to the point where it does the most good, reducing water damage. Reduce the uncertainty of firefighters stumbling around while trying to locate a source of fire, thus reduce stress and opportunities for injury. In overhaul, look into the walls and ceilings to locate hot spots and the fire's path. Open up in only those areas where a problem exists, reducing overall damage to the property.
Hazardous Material Incidents-CairnsIRIS lets you see vapour clouds from spills, allowing you to know precisely where to evacuate and to place diking material to contain the spill. Also, a chemical heat reaction between products becomes clearly evident without having the fire safety personnel exposed. Optimum range for CairnsIRIS is typically 80 feet. Can be greater or less depending on terrain and materials involved. It has an ultimate range to infinity. After applying a foam blanket, CairnsIRIS lets us watch that blanket to locate breakthrough points where additional foam may be required. You will discern the liquid level in any mobile or stationary storage tank, enabling you to understand how much "product" you are dealing with in any incident.
Investigation Calls-Search for undisclosed, smoldering fires in walls, electrical panels, wiring, telephone line cable runs, computer cable runs, below floors or above ceilings. Electrical light ballasts in fluorescent light fixtures. Odours caused by vapours/fumes. Leaking cylinders, piping, valves, etc.
It looks like it would be pretty easy to remove it from the firefighting helmet if you wanted to mount it on another helmet or just to use as night vision. E-mail me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you.