4,000MG ultra-pure ozone generator water, air


Subject: 4,000MG ultra-pure ozone generator water, air
Odor Control, Air and Water Purification, Smoke Removal,
Air Purifiers, Flood, Fire, MOLD, Bacteria, & Virus Disinfection
Environmental Remediation, Waste Water Treatment,
OXYGEN Bar Therapy, Aquaculture, Veterinary Medicine
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4,000 mghr Silent Pulse Injection Corona Discharge
The S 4000 series ozone generator has a built in self regenerating air drier, air flow meter, humidity indicator and produces 4 g/hr. Includes a built in air pump, 10 position switch, 120 volt operation, and requires no cleaning.
For use in water or air purification, laboratory oxidation studies, materials testing, industrial, commercial, and many custom applications.
High concentration, low flow ozone generator
Silent pulse injection corona discharge.
4g/h from dry air at 5 L/min air flow. (1 L/min = 2 SCFH)
Two automatically recharged alumina desiccant cylinders. Vacuum driven.
Up to 8 L/min (16 SCFH) ambient air at 85% R.H. 35°C.
-40°C or better. Dew point indicator (blue crystals) included.
Ambient air ± 40°C max. 85% R.H.
514mm high x 305mm wide x 196mm deep (21"x 12"x 8") powder coated NEMA style steel cabinet with holes for wall mounting.
Internal air flow switch. The unit is protected against voltage surges and continuous 150% over voltage. The Balance Barometer is required with all water treatment installations.
3 years general. The rate of the air drying desiccant depletion is subject to local air quality, and it is expected to last 3 years in normal conditions. Premature depletion of the desiccant is not covered under warranty. (Replacement cost for the desiccant is less than $40.00)
In conjunction with mixing systems, and other equipment approved by the Application Engineering Department.
Special notes on operation of this ozone generator:
This unit uses an air drier using desiccant. The Air drier portion of the unit needs to be turned on 6 hours before the corona discharge portion of the unit. This allows the desiccant to heat up and remove moisture and condensation produced during the start-up of the air drier. This unit is intended to be left always on, or at least the air drier portion of the unit is best left always on.
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PRO 3400 V3, PRO 3400 V5, PRO 3600 V1, PRO 3600 V5, PRO 5000 V, PRO 10000 V, or 0302-8000
MZ280, PRO 420, PRO 700, PRO 3400 V1, PRO 3400 V3, PRO 3400 V5, CA 45-2, PRO 3600 V1, or PRO 3600 V5
Ultra-Pure: Laboratory Equipment, Materials Research or Water / Liquid Disinfection:
V 8000, S 4000, (more choices available soon).
All of the ozone generators we offer are built in North America!
OZONE Removes SMOKE & ODORS, and Kills Virus, Bacteria or Mold Contaminants.
Eliminate Hotel, Restaurant & BAR ODORS, Chemical fumes,
Cigarette SMOKE, Basement MOLD, Auto, PET and even SKUNK ODORS!
Notes on drinking water Purification:
The only way for disinfecting water effectively involves the application of science involving water testing for bacteria and other microbe content or other contamination. With careful lab analysis, a chemist / microbiologist will match the types and amounts of microbes and contamination to the amount of ozone needed to kill each type of contamination to determine the amount of ozone needed and the time required for the treatment. Any other procedure to purify drinking water with ozone is not recommended. You should be familiar with the contamination of the liquids to be treated.
Thus, we do not list an amount of liquid or water this unit will disinfect as a specification, though for comparative purposes, this unit will effectively treat a several thousand gallons.
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1. o3ozone represents a manufacturer that has been in business for over 11 years and has a combined 20+ years experience in the ozone industry.
3. The absolute best warranty in the business. The ozone generators carry a 4 YEAR WARRANTY; this is a manufacturer that stands by their product! The warranty covers everything except the corona element / dielectric, which is warranted for 6 months.
The reasons the warranty has been increased to 4 years is because the quality materials; i.e.: oversized heavy duty transformers that simply do not burn out, and because most people use their ozone generator periodically, sometimes only 1-3 times per month. So if you only use the generator 3 times per month, your generator will be 36 days old after 1 year. How can a 1 or 2 year warranty cover manufacturer defects if it has only been used 36 or 72 days in that 1 or 2 year period.
4. No unsubstantiated claims. At o3ozone we will only provide factual information, not just a wish list. We are members of the INTERNATIONAL OZONE ASSOCIATION, which provides us unparalleled Education in the ozone field to help ensure we provide only accurate, factual information. If we do not have an answer to a question, we can get an accurate answer from one of several engineering sources in the ozone industry.
5. The ozone generators sold by o3ozone are from the original manufacturer's PRO series, which are the original white PVC / stainless steel ozone generators. Many ozone generator companies have tried to copy this equipment inefficiently; they just don't last like a PRO series, or they cost significantly more.
The transformers used in our units are oversized heavy duty sealed components. These transformers can sustain a dead short - sometimes for days without burning out. The transformer is a large downfall of many competitor units. Many competitors have chosen a smaller transformer which will work for many intermittent users, but for true 24 hr 7 day or heavy-duty use - this part needs to be extra heavy duty. Smaller transformers, or multiple smaller transformers are less expensive, and are lighter in weight.
(Don't believe the one seller that refers to our transformers in a negative light, claiming we use the same transformer in all the units. This is simply not true.)
Other factors can determine size and weight of the transformer, and over-all efficiency of the unit:
The decision on which brand of ozone generator should not be made solely by size of transformer and weight of unit; The dielectric material used in most competing corona discharge units is either glass, or ceramic.
Glass and ceramic plate dielectric must be thicker than mica dielectric in order to be usable. The greater thickness and properties of glass or ceramic results in three main negative factors:
1) In-efficiency. Ceramic and glass dielectric material will require larger transformers and more energy to create the corona discharge process.
3) Heat generation. Ceramic and glass dielectric material requires more electricity for the corona process to operate. This creates more heat in the element system which wears the element and mounting materials more quickly than our close tolerance mica systems. Excessive Heat also plays a part in possible excessive nitrogen oxide production - especially in humid environments.
(Don't believe the one seller out there that states mica is old technology - theirs uses glass sandwiched in plastic - using the same corona discharge plate technology they claim is old)
Some competitors large output units that look like our large output PRO units (copied from our manufacturer) may not last nearly as long as expected for continuous use and industrial applications. These units appear well constructed externally, however, it is the internal components that matter.
If they look like a PRO series generator - be careful - there are inferior copies, BE CAREFUL, you probably won't get what you are paying for. Some of the copies internal components have also been known to be mounted (or glued) on plastic instead of stainless steel. Even the controls are glued in place - with no screws or mounting hardware - often dislodged by pushing the buttons. While this does make the units cheaper, mounting or gluing the components to plastic makes them much more susceptible to burning out or melting - especially in long term or industrial applications. Restricted air flow or dirty air intake filters will also lead to this problem. In addition - the unit becomes a fire hazard under these conditions.
6. Quality & Durability. The ozone generators we offer are constructed of the finest materials available to resist oxidation in a high ozone environment. Designed to be used 24 hours a day.
8. No false or misleading claims. As we are educated in the subject of ozone and ozone production, we see numerous scams, misinformation, and many false claims for other units offered on the market. For the average person, it can sometimes be hard to spot these scams or falsifications.
10. Highly Competitive Pricing for Professional and Industrial grade products.
11. We carry only professionally engineered products with strict quality control manufacturing procedures.
12. We offer conservative output ratings (in mghr) for ozone generating equipment, and conservative usage recommendations. While many sellers represent similar ozone output ratings, our manufacturer / engineering has learned through testing several different units that a couple prominent competing companies have exaggerated output figures. Either these companies do not test output ratings in an acceptable or standardized method, or (in at least one case), knowingly defraud the output of the ozone generators they offer. See our about me page for More on Fair Market issues.
OZONE is powerful enough to effectively eliminate SMOKE, ODORS, BACTERIA, & MOLD!
Ozone leaves a sweet clean non-irritating mild bleach-like smell after a shock treatment. This unit will turn your living space or business into a long-lasting clean, fresh, odor and germ-free environment.
Ozone works 3187 times quicker than chlorine as a germicide; superior to chlorine!
Ozone is the most powerful oxidant available for commercial air, & water treatment.
We offer Industrial Grade High Output PROFESSIONAL units, and DUAL USE HOME units. All have variable output control designed for both air-purifying (only low levels are needed), or "shock treatments" (high levels) to kill strong odors (& pet odors), bacteria, and MOLD, and for decontamination. All outputs listed are conservative figures measured by professional equipment.
Air Units are available with outputs of 60 mg/hr, 280, 300, 420, 700, 1,000, 1,908, 3,600, 5,000, and 10,000 mg/hr.
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Nitrogen Oxides, or Claims of "ZERO NITROGEN OXIDES"
PATENTS, Claims of Patents, or false Patent Claims
Different corona discharge technologies
Enclosed or encased element designs
Maintenance & cleaning, or claims of no cleaning
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The company I represent for this product has been in business for over 25 years!
Educational information about ozone, its safety, uses and more:
The following quote is from THE
The Food and Drug Administration has recently amended its food additive regulations to permit ozone use as an anti microbial agent. The amendment, published in the Federal Register on June, 28 2001 allows for ozone use in gaseous and aqueous uses, and for safe and effective anti microbial treatment of meat, poultry, and other food products.
CNN /WORLD NEWS report - "Firm sees ozone as food disinfectant"
"With chlorine you have ongoing costs, and there are some quite significant environmental and safety costs which don't exist with ozone.
In Europe and the UK, chlorine has been banned as a disinfectant for organic food - a rapidly growing sector of the food industry.
And last July the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ozone to disinfect food."
After reading the CNN article (link on me page), you can understand when we say that ozone is safer than bleach!Return to top
Questions and Answers About Ozone:
The health and safety of ozone gas
One of the more common questions is about ozone use and its safety. Ozone has been known for almost a century now, and quite a lot is known about it.
When used correctly, like cleaners or chemicals, ozone is safe.
As with other cleaners, chemicals, and devices, when instructions are not followed, ozone can and sometimes has been misused by some. Ozone is an oxidizer found naturally in the environment we live and breathe in. Ozone in sufficient shock treatment concentration and time will oxidize the throat and respiratory tract. Short over-exposure is usually not dangerous and the symptoms include dry mouth, sore throat, and headaches in some. These symptoms can be relieved by the simple application of fresh air. It is also good news that there are no deaths reported from ozone's misuse.
For most applications, we recommend that ozone be used in the shock treatment manner. This is a very effective use for an ozone generator which has the ability to sterilize rooms.
Because ozone can be misused by producing much larger amounts of ozone than products labeled and sold only as "air purifiers", you will not find large consumer products retailers and stores offering high-powered ozone generators that can produce large amounts of ozone. For example, one popular brand name air purifier unit produces approx. 15mghr of ozone. While the smaller amount of ozone cannot be misused, the product will have limited ability to purify air, and no ability to kill germs on surfaces with a shock treatment from an ozone generator. All products on the market labeled as air purifiers will have minimum, or no production of ozone. If the air purifier is labeled an ozone generator / air purifier, it may have the ability to be misused and directions should be followed.
Ozone generators, while having a great ability to purify air on the lower settings, are not simply air purifiers, they can be misused, and should not be sold strictly as air purifiers.
However, Ozone is much less a danger than regular household bleach, and many other chemicals found in the average home. Another positive point is ozone has a short life expectancy. Get to know ozone depletion.
ANSWER: Ozone, sometimes called "activated oxygen", o3, contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breath. Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors in nature. Interestingly ozone occurs quite readily in nature, most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. In fact that "fresh, clean, spring rain" smell that we notice after a storm most often results from natures creation of ozone. Ozone is also created by water falls. However, we are probably most familiar with ozone from reading about the "ozone layer" that circles the planet above the earth atmosphere. Here ozone is created by the sun's ultra-violet rays. This serves to protect us from the ultra-violet radiation. Additionally, each of us is exposed to high levels of ozone sometimes daily for short periods of time. This happens in heavy traffic conditions or during times when the weather forces ozone to remain lower to the ground than is otherwise normal. The combination of these two factors can result in ozone readings as high as 4 or 5 times the "regulatory" levels for continuous exposure with absolutely no adverse affects as our exposure is for such short periods, and the ozone itself decays back to normal oxygen so rapidly.
ANSWER: While ozone is very powerful, it has a very short life cycle. When it is faced with odors, bacteria or viruses the extra atom of oxygen destroys them completely by oxidation. In so doing, that extra atom of oxygen is destroyed and there is nothing left...no odor...no bacteria...no extra atom, only oxygen. In addition to the effectiveness of ozone, we also know that it is safe to use. We know this from our own safe exposures daily to ozone, weather, as noted earlier, resulting from being locked in traffic, or passing through industrial areas. These exposures have no effect on us. beyond our acknowledging the smell associated with ozone. It is the strength of this smell that provides ozone with it's "built in" safety mechanism. Ozone is safe because we notice it's smell at very residual levels. By residual we mean, the amount of ozone that is produced in excess of the required amount to eliminate whatever contamination that may be present in the room. This equipment, when used correctly will not exceed government guidelines for continuous safe exposure. Even if used incorrectly, ozone provides its own protection, as ozone warns us in a manner similar to smoke in a room. Ozone does this by becoming so offensive (a strong bleach-like smell) at 1.5 parts per million that we would not be able to stay in the environment for any more than a short period. This is much like what would happen if we entered a smoke filled room. However, while smoke might harm us, research has proven that a limited exposure to a low level of ozone would have no serious long term affect on us just as it does not affect us when caught in a traffic jam during rush hour.
ANSWER: There are basically two methods of producing ozone...ultra-violet and corona discharge. Most equipment uses the corona discharge method, simulating in essence, lightning. Equipment utilizing UV is now hard to find because it is inefficient, expensive to operate, unreliable, and very costly to service compared to the modern corona discharge equipment now available.
ANSWER: As soon as ozone is formed in the generator and dispersed in a room some of it decays back into oxygen. This step occurs by several processes including the following: Natural decay (or revision to oxygen) due to ozone chemical instability. Speeding up of the above process by the presence of such as walls, carpets etc. stimulating the decay process. Oxidation reaction with odor causing organic material, which removes ozone. Reactions with bacteria etc., which again consumes ozone by oxidation reactions. Additionally ozone itself has a half life which means that "residual" ozone created (extra unneeded ozone) will return to oxygen within at most 30 minutes, in amounts equal to half its level. What this means is that after each subsequent 30 minute period there would be half as much residual ozone left at the end of the period as was present at the beginning of the period. This is similar to a geometric progression of 16;8;4;2;1. In practice the half life is usually less than 30 minutes due to temperature, bacterial, and other contaminants in the air. Therefore, ozone while very powerful doesn't last long...just does it's job and disappears.
ANSWER: No. If ozone is applied properly it destroys (oxidizes ) the source of the odor. However, in the case of mildew the odor will return if you are unable to get rid of the moisture that is the source of the mildew.
ANSWER: It eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes such discomfort to one's eyes and create the offensive odors. Ozone rids any environment of the effects of smoke completely, rather than merely filtering out some of the visible particles like an "electronic air cleaner".
ANSWER: No, ozone will not remove the stains or nicotine build up. Ozone will deodorize and help to decontaminate the problem but will not remove the actual substance.
Remove or Control Household Odors:
Ozone is very possibly the most powerful and effective eliminator of smoke and odors. Ozone Eliminates tobacco smoke, its impurities or Phenol gasses, and odors from cooking, pets, mold, mildew and often the sources of household odors. Disinfecting and purifying with ozone provides a much healthier home, atmosphere and environment.
Travel and Vacation Uses: Just as Hotels and Motels use ozone, you can bring your own to suit your needs. If the room you are in is desired, and there is an odor issue - then no more having to change rooms from an odor problem!
Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Removal / Elimination: OZONE eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes such discomfort to one's eyes and create the offensive odors. Ozone rids any environment of the effects of smoke completely, rather than merely filtering out some of the visible particles like an electronic air cleaner or air filter system. For restaurant, bar, or pool hall owners, these units have proven to be invaluable and help keep clientele coming back! Ozone Generators work better than "smoke eaters", ionizers or air filters for removing smoke & smoke odors. Return to top
Mold Decontamination - Control & Removal: Mold is a problem in today's damp or wet environments. Molds & mildew are the number one causes of allergic symptoms. Many harmful types of mold & fungus can be found worldwide. they grow in high-cellulose material, such as wood straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpets, wall papers, fiber-boards, some ceiling tiles, insulation, and more. This types are wet and may be slimy to the touch. This dangerous mold grows in medium to high humidity (55 % +). Even when dry, this type of mold can causes respiratory problems. Using an ozone generator, you can help reduce, control and many times eliminate mold growth in your business and home.
Vehicle Restoration companies / USES: Trucks, Automobiles, vans, busses, and work vehicles are being disinfected & deodorized by professionals all across the country using ozone generators. Ozone proves to be invaluable for use in auto sales and restorations. With ozone shock treatments, vehicles smell fresh and clean. A fresh and clean smelling vehicle will sell faster and bring more profits after an ozone shock treatment.
Fire Restoration Companies: Professional Fire restoration companies regularly use ozone generators for the removal of fire & flood odors Fire and flood damage odors are the most difficult odors to remove. With a powerful ozone generator, these odors can be removed. Shock treating with high levels of ozone will remove the odor and allow the room to be habitable.
Pet and Animal odors, Kennels: In homes, veterinary Hospitals / clinics, offices and kennels, ozone can take care of odorous surfaces and make the presence of animals hardly noticeable. Using "shock treatments" ozone can remove offensive pet odors. Disinfecting pet areas with ozone kills mold & bacteria and this creates a healthier environment for pets, their owners, Hospitals, and Kennels. (Note that ozone shock treatments should not be done with pets or people in the room)
Control Insects and Vermin: Insects and vermin are stay away from high levels of ozone. Ozone helps to remove their odors and keeps them from returning. Ozone is also used in attics to help keep rodents, birds, squirrels and other insects out.
For example, a cockroach finds food and their home by the sense of smell. An ozone shock treatment can kill the odors of not only the food location, but of the cockroach's home. It is known that cockroaches will not leave their home if they cannot smell their way back. Also, if they smell no food, they're not interested!
Hydroponics or Greenhouse use: Hydroponics or greenhouse companies often use ozone to create a growing environment inhospitable to molds, viruses, bacteria, & bugs, resulting in better, healthier growth, and higher profits. Plants can grow faster and healthier with the correct application of ozone. Another significant effect is the reduction and elimination of the odors often associated with a hydroponics facility.
Ozone Shock Treatments are effective for removing harsh odors like smoke, mold, and animal odors. It is useful to "shock treat" an unoccupied room with a large volume of ozone to kill odors & germs.
The idea of an ozone shock treatment procedure is to eliminate the contamination and source of the odor from surfaces as well as the air.
Ozone shock treatments can also provide continuous control over recurring contamination or heavily contaminated areas.
General Ozone Shock Treatment Procedure:
PRO 3400 V3, PRO 3400 V5, PRO 3600 V1, PRO 3600 V5, PRO 5000 V, PRO 10000 V, or 0302-8000
MZ280, PRO 420, PRO 700, PRO 3400 V1, PRO 3400 V3, PRO 3400 V5, CA 45-2, PRO 3600 V1, or PRO 3600 V5
Ultra-Pure: Laboratory Equipment, Materials Research or Water / Liquid Disinfection:
V 8000, S 4000, (more choices available soon).
First the extent of the odor problem or level of contamination needs to be evaluated. This will determine the size of the ozone generator required to sufficiently eliminate the problem odor in a reasonable amount of time. A powerful ozone generator should be used for shock treatments. The high concentration of ozone is needed to kill mold and bacteria.
Note that large output ozone generators such as the PRO 5,000 V, or PRO 10,000 V may also be used for small area shock treatments even though their outputs can handle large sized areas. The shock treatment will simply take less time.
The ozone generator should be placed pointing in the direction of the problem area. Strong fans should be placed throughout the area being treated to provide maximum ozone distribution and improved penetration into materials such as carpet.
Operate the ozone generator at it's highest capacity for as long as it takes to eliminate the odor problem. In most cases it takes only a few minutes to do a shock treatment. If it is a type of odor that is absorbed in furniture, walls and bedding, for example, cigarette smoke, takes only 30-120 minutes with the proper sized ozone generator.
After the shock treatment procedure is complete, air out the room, if the odor is expected to continue place an ozone generator and monitor controller permanently in the area operating at a low level. Severe cases may require a 24 + hour treatment. Milder cases may need a smaller unit or use lower output setting.
If your goal is to reduce or eliminate a toxic contamination, mold, bacteria, etc. a test should be performed to ensure that the application was successful.
Ozone Shock Treatments should be done in rooms when no people, animals, or even plants are present. To do this, an unoccupied zone should be established with no air infiltration; no leaks through ventilation systems, windows, or doors. Also, by sealing the area, you can be sure the shock treatment will be successful.
The only way to effectively compare ozone generators or air purifiers is by the output in milligrams per hour. Square footage quotes cannot be depended upon. It is the actual ozone output that counts! All outputs listed for our units are conservative figures measured by professional equipment. (there are some companies that have inflated their outputs to compete we are working on having many products outputs evaluated by standard testing lab and submitting the data for regulatory analysis.)
Make sure any ozone generator you consider purchasing has a "mg/hr" or a "g/hr" output rating . Any reputable ozone generator company will have had there ozone generators tested on a photometer. We use a Dassibi 1008 PC ozone tester that costs about $8,000 - $12,000, the same brand and model used by most government agencies. Ratings in "ppm" are a simple concentration rating and do not tell anything about the overall production.
By use of a mold redemption plan, and an ozone generator, mold growth can be inhibited. Removing the visible mold, disinfecting of surfaces with ozone, and the reduction of moisture are just about the only way to remediate a mold problem.
* Ozone curbs the ability for exposed mold, mildew or fungus to reproduce.
* Ozone purifies the air and can reduce respiratory distress!
* Ozone works 3187 times quicker than chlorine as a germicide; superior to chlorine!
* Ozone is the most powerful oxidant available for commercial air, & water treatment.
* Ozone controls odors by killing the mold and fungus.
Many believe that if the mold is dried and removed the danger is over. Mold usually harbors in crevices and in materials that are porous where they can re-grow. Dried mold particles become airborne and can be breathed in from basements through ventilation systems and inside walls. Breathing in these spores can cause respiratory damage that may be permanent. Ozone, at shock treatment levels will kill mold spores and obstruct future growth. If you can smell mold, usually there is mold, or air-borne mold spores. Negative Ion generators are not capable of killing or eliminate mold spores or germs.
Cashier's Checks are accepted also.
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For use in laboratory oxidation studies, ozonolysis, water purification, treatment, industrial, and commercial applications.
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