36" rotary surface grinder, blanchard 18A2 tw


Subject: 36" rotary surface grinder, blanchard 18A2 tw
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Blanchard 18A-2 Twin Head Vertical Surface Grinder
"Reeves" Variable Speed Drive for the Table
Designed for high production of small parts (they handle
many larger parts, too) The 18A single-spindle and 18A2
two-spindle automatic surface grinders combine exceptional
accuracy, speed and versatility with ease of operation.
They grind continuously with wheels set and automatically
The 18A finishes one surface of the work in a single pass
under one wheel. Both rough grinding and finish grinding
of one surface are accomplished in a single pass through
the two wheels of the 18A2 - there's no compromise between
roughing and finishing, such as choice of wheels, etc.
With both machines, advanced design reduces manual operation
to a minimum. The operator merely loads work onto a magnetic
chuck or into an automatic clamping fixture/ dial loaders are
often used to speed the loading operation onto magnetic
chuck. Unloading is usually automatic, and attachments can
be supplied for demagnetizing and washing the work as it
Like all Blanchard automatic surface grinders, the 18A and
18A2 can be equipped with a wide variety of Blanchard-
designed-and built automatic, semi-automatic and magnetic
work-holding fixtures to greatly extend the machines'
capabilities. Pieces of almost any shape or material
within the size range of the machines, and which have
an exterior flat, surface to be machined, can be ground
A 24-station fixture automatically clamps and un-
clamps the assembled connecting rods and caps. Both sides
of both ends are ground parallel to limits of +/- .0005".
Stock removal is .015" per side. 700 pieces (1400 surfaces)
Connecting rods are manually loaded and un-loaded,
but automatically clamped and un-clamped in a 24 station
fixture designed and built by Blanchard. The rods are
ground on the joint surface to limits of +/- .0005" at the
rate of 1180 per hour. Stock Removal is 0.15"
Here are some of the reasons why the 18A2 provides
High Accuracy - Heavier columns and heads, and exceptionally
ridgid base, make possible close limits of size and flatness
Easy Accessibility - Sliding aluminum panels give quick,
unobstructed access to wheels, wheel dressers, water
nozzles, and fixture or chuck. Convenient push-button
controls provide rapid raising and lowering of heads
and table rotation for easy set-up
Dry Base - Sludge and coolant flow from inclined surface
under table to outside tank, seperator or central
system. No coolant or sludge is held in the base.
Convenient Control - Handy push buttons permit ease
of set-up and operation. When wheels need replacement,
a warning light glows at operators station; shortly
afterward, the machine stops automatically, on the 18A2,
feed hand-wheels are duplicated on opposite sides of each
column for convenience while setting up. Controls are
Power Range - Spindle motors are available rated at 30, 40
3-Point Support - Heavy box-section columns are rigidly
secured to bases at three adjustable, widely spaced
points. Thus, the spindle can be brought square with the
Automatic Lubrication - Centralized greasing and oil
reservoirs provide simple, positive lubrication.
Internal Coolant - In addition to the coolant furnished
through the outside nozzle, wheels are supplied coolant
internally through the faceplate. this assures adequate,
uniform coolant to work of any shape.
Blanchard one-piece steel magnetic chuck, single-pass
type, 40" outside diameter, 26" inside diameter. Chuck
uses direct current only, 115 or 230 volts dc (870 watts).
A plain cast-iron table may be substituted for magnetic
chuck, 43" outside diameter, 26" inside diameter.
18" Diameter x 5" deep x 10" hole (18" x 5" x 10") or
18" diameter x 5" deep x 12" hole (18" x 5" x 12"),
Each wheel head has vertical down feed by hand or
power, with power down feed controlled by a seperate
wheel control caliper for each grinding head. Each
wheel head has a motor-driven raising and lowering
Two 30 HP Foot-Type spindle motors mounted on wheel
heads; one 2 HP motor mounted on base for table
rotation; two 3/4 hp traverse motors 40" single pass
magnetic chuck or 43" plain table. Water-guards,
piping, coolant discharge chute. Two wheel control
calipers, two ammeters wired in wheel motor circuits.
Control panel containing line start contactors with
thermal overload protection for all motors, with
115 volt control circuit. (all electrical equipment
to 1967 J.I.C. general purpose machine tool
Extended columns and water-guards to give up to 18"
vertical range over plain table; 40 or 50 HP spindle
motors; 18" cylinder wheel holder or rings for
sulphur mounting 18" wheels; 1000 watt rectifier standard
or to J.I.C. standards for magnetic chuck; demagnetizer;
washing attachment; continuously variable chuck drive
Loading shelf, chuck rings, adjustable unloader and
chuck cleaning device. (Chuck rings, unloader and
cleaner for magnetic chuck grinders)
Dial and driving mechanism, adjustable work guides,
chuck rings, adjustable unloader and chuck cleaning
Machine Location: HARRISON, NJ
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