3250 gallon baffled hauling tank "road king "


Subject: 3250 gallon baffled hauling tank "road king "
The 3250 Gallon "ROAD KING" Elliptical Leg Tank is 88" wide x 146" long x 79" tall and weighs 1208 lbs without hoops. Tanks must be installed with 4 hoops securely anchored to the tank base or stand. Black powder-coated hoop kits are available for each tank. A 16" wide black powder coated ladder is available for the 3250 gallon tank. The optional ladder is sold separately and attaches through the side support bar. Standard equipment included with purchase of the tank include poly baffles for fluid control, 16" vented lid assembly, 2" FPT heavy-duty polypropylene fitting, EPDM gasket, and siphon tube.
Hoops, Skid, Ladder sold seperately!