30 ton ironworker uni hydro punch bar shear angle shear


Subject: 30 ton ironworker uni hydro punch bar shear angle shear
This is the unit you have been looking for. Perfect for fab shops and affordable for even the little guy . It also has many optional accessories available. (compatable with theUni-Hydro 42-14 attachments!!)
Complete with the industrial qaulity and versitility of a larger iron worker. Not only are you getting a more versatile machine than the cheaper alternative- the qaulity is second to none.
Don't let them fool you with exaggerated tonage ratings- has the same capacity as the other guys cheaper 45 ton machine. Look at what it can really do!
*4 1/2" open Throat Punch (One punch/die included)
*8" Bar shear with 4 sided bar blades
*Power cavity accomodates various tooling (angle shear, slug shear, brake,ect..) (3x3x1/4 angle shear incuded.)
*Adjustable Bar Shear Hold down
* Magnetic Starter for Safety and Reliability
*Comes with one punch and die (1/8" to 1" O.D. Your choice of size) and free punch nut wrench
Capacities and Specifications: Rated on Mild steel 65,000 PSI tensilez
Items in Blue come standard with Machine. Items in Red are for information purposes on accessories available.
* Throat Depth 4 1/2"
* Punch 30 Ton 3/4" in 1/2" material 1 1/4" in 5/16" material
* Bar Shear 1/4"x8" 5/16"x8" 3/8"x7" 1/2"x6"
* Angle Shear 90^- sever cut only 3"x3"x1/4"
* Miter Angle 45^ Bar Shear 2"x2"x1/4"
* Channel Shear 1" or 2" Standard
* Rod Shear Round 5/8" Max Square 5/8" Max
* Coper Notcher 90^ 3"x3"x1/4" Angle
* Pipe Notcher Schedule 40 or 80 1/2" thru 2"
* Brake 6"x1/4"
* Punch table w-adjustable jig
* Stroker Per Min. Max 9
* Hydraulics 1000 PSI
* Oil Capacity 15 quarts
* Motor 3 HP, 1 phase or 3 phase
If you would like to see more pictures please e-mail me at and I can take some of my machine. Any questions contact me at . Ask for Byron
*Pictures of actual machine are of MY machine- you will recieve a NEW machine!!
*1/2" x 6" bar can be sheared easily- the bar on the infeed side of the shear will have 0 deformation. On cuts of heavy material 1 1/2" long or less you will get about 1/32" twist in the bar. 2" and longer you will get 0 twist. The cut quality is excellent, Second to none!