3'X5' stainless 10-port vacuum chamber pressure vessel


Subject: 3'X5' stainless 10-port vacuum chamber pressure vessel
Large 3'x5' Stainless 10-Port Vacuum Chamber Pressure Vessel in horizontal cradle.
This big vacuum chamber is currently sitting horizontal in a steel cradle made for it. It includes a simple loose fitting hinged plate to protect the bottom (end).
The base ring on this thing is a 3" by 4" ring of Stainless Steel with a whole lot of about 1.25" bolt holes to fasten it to a base we don't have.
There are 4 viewing ports on the top of the dome. There are two viewing ports on each side and one at the top back as shown above. The tenth port looks like it is set up to hook a pump or some other vacuum device to-middle side of the image above.
The image below is looking in from the "bottom" of the vessel.
Usable inside "vertical" of this chamber is about 60". Inside diameter is about 36".
The viewing ports are about 6" diameter overall with about 4" inside diameter.
The suction port is shown below.
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Might be just what you need for your really serious vacuum chamber bell jar application.
Condition looks looks very good. One of the viewing ports has cracked glass/plastic. Would need a good cleaning if any sort of high purity work was to be done.
Sold as-is-where-is. What you see is what you get. We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.
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