3-1/8" dia, smw spacesaver 2000 bar feeder


Subject: 3-1/8" dia, smw spacesaver 2000 bar feeder
3-1/8" Dia, SMW SPACESAVER 2000
Length: 5.5' (or total length of spindle)
Speed Rotation: According to possibilities of lathe
Material Advancement: By pneumatic pusher, adjustable feeding speed
Bar Stock Prep: No pointing required, only a deburr is necessary
Time of Auto Reload Cycle: 22 - 30 sec
Set-Up Time: About 2 mins to go from one dia to another + spindle liner change
Electrical Equipment: PLC driven 24 VDC; 200 - 575 V 50/60 Hz; Max 2 Amp; elec
Compressed Air Requirements: 60 - 120 psi (bar feed is equipped w/ pressure
This item can be inspected under power in our Benton Harbor MI warehouse.
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