2EA rexroth bosch mkr series linear actuator 16' unused


Subject: 2EA rexroth bosch mkr series linear actuator 16' unused
2ea Rexroth Bosch MKR Series Linear Actuator 16' Unused
Rexroth Bosch MKR Series Linear Actuator Module. MKR Belt Driven Module. Comes with one manual.
This is an MKR Series however we are unsure of the model # 1140-260-10 ?. Overall it is 15" 6" long and 4 3/8" square. Cariage is 12" long and 4 1/7" wide.
This unit is unused. Mfg. 10/23/ 2001, this unit was stored as a replacement part. However it appears it was stored covered with tarps and in the crate outside for at least some of that time. While the unit seem to have remained dry, humidity has found some of the fittings and the beginning of some rust on a few of the bolt heads, though it is not as bad as it sounds. Please refer to photos.
Type MKR Belt Driven Modules
There will be an additional $75.00 crating fee on this item. Units are packed one per crate for two create total. Combined weight in crates is estimated at 650 lb for both. Each crate is 16 foot long x 10 inch wide and;10 inch tall.
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