262 each wire mesh decks 52"x 48" for pallet racks


Subject: 262 each wire mesh decks 52"x 48" for pallet racks
· Wire Decking allows for quick visual assessments of inventory and improves illumination and cooling throughout a warehouse.
· Visible Inventory Management
· Allows for hand and non-palletized product storage.
· Open wire mesh construction with additional welded reinforcing wires provides strength, safety, and cleanliness for your bulk storage environment.
· 2,500 lb. Load Capacity (higher capacities are available).
· Drop-In Installation - Simply drop the wire deck into place on your beam pallet system.
· The mesh design also keeps items from falling through the rack system.
· Adding wire mesh decking allows you to store a variety of pallet sizes in your rack system as well as hand loaded bulk items.
· Wire decking improves safety by protecting against damaged pallets falling through racks.
Allows the fork truck driver to load pallets with out worrying about perfect alignment.
· Allows the free passage of water so overhead sprinklers operate effectively.
· There is no dust or dirt that collects on the shelves making for a more presentable work area.
· Wire decks make pallet rack capable of storing almost anything. Promotes a cleaner, and more sanitary environment. Makes it ideal for sanitary storage of food and pharmaceuticals.