#207MK cincinnati milacron plain horizontal mill


Subject: #207MK cincinnati milacron plain horizontal mill
CINCINNATI MILACRON Plain Horizontal Milling Machine, Model 207 MK, S/N 13J23P1APE-5 (New 1988)
Maximum distance, centerline of spindle to top of
Taper in spindle nose, horizontal
Taper in spindle nose, vertical
(16) Spindle speeds, horizontal & vertical
(16) Longitudinal and cross feeds
Rapid traverse rate, longitudinal and cross
Angular double swivel vertical milling attachment with draw bolt
#102 TRAK two-axis digital readout
Low lead attachment with box, adapters, and (16) change gears
10" Diameter capacity HOFFMAN dividing head with tailstock, 8" diameter three-jaw
chuck and (2) index plates
(3) Arbor supports, (3) #50 milling arbors with spacers, (1) #50 cutter holder, (14) #40
end mill holders, (7) #40 cutter holders, and draw bolt
Electric trip dogs on table with auto cycle
Hardened and ground ways on knee
Dual inch/metric dials for longitudinal, cross, and vertical feed handwheels
Power rapid traverse, all directions
7-1/2 H.P. 3/60/575 volt spindle drive motor and electrical controls
Electrical transformer for 3/60/220 or 440 volt input
101" L-R x 105.5" F-B x 66" High
(F.O.B. Truck, Wilmington, DE)