2007 jinma 304 diesel tractor w /loader and backhoe epa


Subject: 2007 jinma 304 diesel tractor w /loader and backhoe epa
2007 Jinma 304 Diesel Tractor w /Loader and Backhoe EPA
2006 Jinma 304 Diesel Tractor w Loader and Backhoe EPA
* AG. Tyres fitted as standard
Cylinder head: HT200 alloy cast iron with copper and chromium
Crankshaft: modular cast iron QT800-2
Crankshaft drive: by crankshaft through helical tooth spur gear at blower end
Crankshaft case: grey cast iron
Injection pump: plunger pump series I (right spiral)
Governor: model T7B-speed, mechanical centrifugal
Cooling system: forced water cooling
Lubrication: oil pressure lubrication
C. Overall width (min.): 1450 mm
D. Heigh over exhaust: 2050 mm
E. Height over safety frame: 2269 mm
Type: 3-cylinder vertical, water cooled, 4-stroke
Rotations: Counterclockwise (view toward flywheel)
Type: semi-independent dual speed (540 r/min/720r/min)
Speed/@engine rpm: PTO 540/1993 rpm, PTO 720/2025 rpm
Battery: 3-Q(A) - 120, 120A.H, 12V
Lights: 2 head light, 2 signal light, 1 tail lamp
Type: dual stage, gear operation
Speed range: 1.85-22.63 km/hr/2.35-10.35 km/h
Maximum PTO horse power measure at 2000 rpm: 30 HP
Type of pump: CBN-E306 gear pump
Max. flow at remove valves: 12L/min
Type of remove valves: safety valve
Lift cap @ hitch pt: 4950N (at 610mm behind lift point)
Controls: mechanics, synthesis
Pendulum angle of front axle: 12 degrees
Tires: front wheel 6.00-16, rear wheel 11.2-24
Tire inflation pressure (kpa): front wheel 220-250, rear wheel (in field) 80-120, rear wheel (transportation) 120-140
Jinma Tractor Front End Loader
* Recommended Tractor HP: 30-35
* Bucket Capacity: 8.8 cubic feet
* Maximum lift height: 98.5"
* Clearance W/Bucket Dumped: 78"
* Reach at Maximum Height: 26"
* Maximum Dump Angle: 45 degree
* Reach W/Bucket on Ground: 59"
* Bucket Rollback: 16 degree
* Overall Height in Carry Position: 59"
* Lift capacity to full height: 1050 Lbs.
* Breakaway Capacity: 2640 Lbs
Jinma 300 Series Frame Mount Backhoe
* Bucket capacity: 1.060 cubic feet.
* Bucket width: 11 inches at rear and 15 inches across the face
* Over-all dimensions (during transportation): H7.5*L14.7*W5.2 feet
* Maximum digging depth: 5.9 feet
* Maximum digging radius: 9.18 feet
* Bucket rotating angle: 160°
* Discharging height: 8.2 feet
* Extension width (with supporting legs extended): 5.9 feet
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