2007 enclosed 7 x 14 trailer


Subject: 2007 enclosed 7 x 14 trailer
Haulin 7 X 14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer
Price includes tax and is out the door!
Trailer is shown and priced with barn doors!
Trailer will have drop axles for a more desireable lower platform height!
Trailer will have a roof vent and 24 inch stoneguard!
Trailer will have 3/4" Plywood deck!
Trailer is available in 11 standard colors!
Trailer will have 2 marker lites on front in lieu of 5
Trailer is availabale with the following options, just add their cost to the bottom line:
* 1000 Pound Ramp Door $159.00
* Ladder Racks are $64.00 each
* 2000 Pound Ramp Door $290.00
* 16" on center walls and floor $239.00
* R/V latch for side door $52.00
* Finished & Insulated Ceiling $239.00
Trailers do sell fast, so may or may not have just the one you want in stock, but don't worry, we can build these usually in less than 4 weeks!
You May Deduct $120.00 from the price if you pick up at the plant in Bristol, Indiana