2007 YC18SYH-2 hydraulic backhoe excavator


Subject: 2007 YC18SYH-2 hydraulic backhoe excavator
2007 YC18SYH-2 hydraulic backhoe excavator
Kubota Engine !! YC18SCH-2 !! low Rreserved !!
Brand New Mini Crawler Excavator - Kubota Engine -YC18SCH-2
YC18SCH-2 Excavators With Cabin
YC 18 hydraulic excavator is of beautiful design, its platform can rotate 360 degrees. The excavator is equipped with rubber track, it’s reliable and of user-friendly. With multiple functions of digging, grabbing, drilling, bull-dozing, ditch-cleaning and rock-breaking, this excavator can be widely used in various construction projects such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, telecommunication network, farmland and garden works etc.
18.3km/2200rpm(chinese engins)
Hydraulic System Working Pressure
Swing Angularity of the Digging Arm
(left)50degree/(right) 45degree
Minimum Platform Tail Turning Radius
Distance from the Digging Arm to Rotate Reducer Machine
Maximum Length of Transportation
Optional Excavators With Canopy
Optional Excavators With Cabin
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