2005 unique "250 mc" door machine; 220 / 440V / 3 phase


Subject: 2005 unique "250 mc" door machine; 220 / 440V / 3 phase
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Model: 250 MC SN: 0610031xxxYear: 2003.
Machine to manufacture cabinet raised panel doors with (1) operator in (2) Min.
* 7.5 HP Motor belt drives spindle at 7,800 RPM
* 1-1/4" Stackable multi-cutter spindle to mill stile, rail, & raised panel profiles
* Stackable cutter spindle with push button preset indexing, at each station, reducing setup time.
* Change from one cutter to another is achieved via a select switch for each operation.
* Table w/pneumatic holddown
* 2-Way linear movement for straight or cathedral top doors up to 50" long
* Includes: (1) Set of insert tooling and (1) set of crown templates.
Machine comes as shown in pictures.