2004 olympus endoscopic ultrasound unit & accessories


Subject: 2004 olympus endoscopic ultrasound unit & accessories
2004 Olympus Endoscopic Ultrasound & Accessories.
Available End of April. Bought $280,000 New.
Equipment Includes the following:
GF-UM130 Gastroscope Ultrasound
CV-160 Video Processor w/ Keyboard
Sony UP-895MD B & W Thermal Printer
GF-UC140P-AL5 Gastrovideoscope
Ultrasound Probe Set: (TC-2, TV-2, TI-1300, TI-1900, RT-1)
Miscellaneous cables, monitors, clamps, etc.
The new ProSound Alpha 5 is Aloka's latest advance in digital diagnostic ultrasound for the operating room. Aloka's ProSound technology transmits and receives noise-free signals providing diagnostic information in a pure sound field.
Aloka's advanced microcircuit technology provides for large-scale integration of the electronic circuit allowing for the creation of a high-density digital front-end. The resulting crisp and clear image contributes to more efficient and accurate examinations.
The system also features state or the art functions which include:
Microspatial Compounding (for a more densely rich image)
Pixel-Focus (for sharp detail in both near and far fields)
iDMS (for hassle free image storage and retrieval).
Alpha 5 is also designed to work with Aloka's wide variety of surgical specialty transducers.
* Digital Processing/PixelFocus
A 100% digital processing technique that allows the SSD-5000 to focus down to the pixel level to provide for very high quality spatial resolution for improved visualization of clinical detail.
Aloka’s high density digital front and provides for a wider dynamic range for superior contrast resolution. With a 12 bit digital beamformer ultrasound images are inherently sharper and more detailed.
The SSD-5000 supports data storage in multiple formats including DICOM, TIFF, JPG, and BMP using its iDMS (Intelligent Data Management System) software.
Wide dynamic range ColorFlow, PowerFlow, and Tissue Doppler Imaging provide outstanding analysis of blood flow morphology.
Extended Pure Harmonic Detection(ePureHD) dramatically enhances image clarity by transmitting distortion free fundamental frequencies to the system’s 12-bit A/D converter.
Five ultrasound transmission beams per piezoelectric crystal provides for truer, less interpolated, more complete image of the desired anatomical feature. These micro-angles permit numerous views of the same image.The images are automatically combined subtracting artifact and enhancing real structures and automatically adjust to changing depth of field.
HST transducers suppress side lobe artifacts three-dimensionally due to high-density transducer element fabrication and beam management in the elevation direction. Fundamental ultrasound beam is sharper and closer to the ideal beam shape than with conventional transducers. Result is higher resolution images with substantially less artifact
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