200 pieces sico portable oak parquet dance floor


Subject: 200 pieces sico portable oak parquet dance floor
* 200 3'x3' Natural Oak colored panels
* 80 Gold colored trim pieces
* 8 Panel dance floor caddies ( holds 25 panels each )
* Each Panel weighs approx 38 lbs, 38 X 200 = 760 lbs + Cart & Pallet, Approx 8000 lbs
Sico's superior manufacturing process guarantees the squareness of every panel, making set up and take down much easier. This also guarantees that there will be no gaps between panels. All Original Portable Dance Floor panels have 100% floor contact so there is no possibility of breakthrough. The edges of each panel are protected by an aluminum metal feature strip, adding extra years of use and durability. The unique helicoil insert also protects and secures the set screw, prolonging the life of the locking mechanism.
More info and pictures are available at the manufacturer website here http://www.sicoinc.com/portable_dance_floor.php
Pallet size Standard 48X40X48, 9-10 pallets