20 texas acres , kansas land and corporation 4 sale..


Subject: 20 texas acres , kansas land and corporation 4 sale..
I'm going to start out by listing the assets included in this listing.. This is an amazing chance to get what is left of a great business!!
First off is the top search domain name AMERICASLAND.COM I have been offered $2,500 just for this domain name!!
You will also get America's Land Inc, this Wyoming Corporation was formed in 2005 and is worth roughly $1,000 alone!!
Also included is the following land:
50x150 Lot in Parsons Kansas, this is the ideal small town about 35 minutes from Joplin and the Ozarks!! This is a nice buildable lot at the end of a road.. This lot is valued at $4,300..
Lot number two is also in Parsons Kansas, this lot is 75x50 and is in one of the nicest parts of town.. It's located at 510 S. 21st.. Valued at $5,700 and an excellent investment at twice that price!
Lot three is in Oswego Kansas, this is a lot right on Riverview drive, you can even hear the water from the property!! It's sort of pie shaped with 275' on the wide end and 40' on the short end and about 70 feet long.. This is a high value lot that will gain value quickly!! It's worth about $5,500 currently!!
Lot four and five are two 10 acre parcels in the Quitman Mountains west Texas.. There is a lot of worthless land in the area however my appraised value with the county was always a couple grand.. Then the appraised value went up to $32,000 on one of the properties.. While a friend was heading that way I had him follow my topos to the properties, turns out they're in a prime location!! A normal 4x4 will get you to the property but you can't get there with a car.. The property is located at 30 degrees 52'01.7 North 105 degrees 15'41.4 West.. The property appraised value is $2,000 on one of the lots and $32,000 on the other!!
You can contact me just about ANY time as I'm a late nighter.. I can be reached at (520) 829-Four-Two-Seven-Four from 1pm-4am PST..