2,500 bags of xsorb industrial clean-up @ wholesale


Subject: 2,500 bags of xsorb industrial clean-up @ wholesale
ATTENTION ALL INDUSTRIAL CLEAN-UP CREWS! "The Great American Bag Company" is overstocked and you can reap the savings!
This dry clean-up absorbs liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep spills away. When you're done, the floor is DRY. Just scoop it up and throw it away.
* Universal formula for all types of liquids and semi-liquids*.
* Leaves floors completely dry and non-slippery.
* Easily handles even tough spills such as oil, grease, syrup, or sugary drinks
* FDA approved for use around food.
* Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly.
* Absorbs 12 times more than clay.
* Saves labor time and costs.
* Helps prevent slip and fall injuries from wet floors.
* In a large 2 cu. ft. /14 lb. easy open bag.
For more information on this FANTASTIC and innovative clean- up product please visit the manufacturer's website at www.xsorb.com.