16,000 lb powered hydraulic decoiler and coil cart


Subject: 16,000 lb powered hydraulic decoiler and coil cart
The Engage QXS 16C is a 16,000 decoiler with a coil cart. The coil cart makes the machine a marvel of efficiency. When dealing with wide coverage panels one of the most dangerous things to the edge of the material is the loading of coil onto the mandrel with a forklift. If you damage one 10,000 lb coil where you cannot use it you have cost yourself the price of the coil cart.
The QXSC is different from the regular decoiler in a couple of keys way. The machine has a 16 inch i-beams as the frame. Its dimensions are 144 by 44. The coil cart is 34 inches wide which is wider than most coil carts giving you a much stronger base and insuring that coils don’t tip off.
The coil cart works on a 1/2 inch by 2 inch track that is welded to the frame of the machine. This insures that the machines cabling and wiring is all protected not like many other machines.
The XS16C is a 230v, 3 phase system with a pendant control for controlling the machines motion and expansion and contraction.