15" power 3 jaw lathe chuck 1.5 x 60 + 3 soft jaws


Subject: 15" power 3 jaw lathe chuck 1.5 x 60 + 3 soft jaws
All New 15" Power Chuck Package Includes: Tooled UP.
Manufactured and designed as a direct replacement and completely interchangeable with Japanese style CNC lathes found on Mazak, Okuma, Mori-seiki and Hitachi Seiki Lathes.
Delivered all brand new tooled up and ready to turn. Excellent higher quality with a 1 year manufactured warranty.
3 Soft Jaws 1.5mm x 60 Degree Serrations.
+ Instruction / Installation and Mounting Manual.
One A2-5 or A2-6 or A2-11 Backing Plate.
* Total Indicator Readout .001"
* Soft Jaws Dimensions 1.5 X 60 Dregree Serrations
* Center Distance Between Screw Holes 1.690
15" power chuck and if interested in other sizes 6", 8", 10", 12", and 15" Power Chucks 2,3 and 4 Jaws. Please Ask
Please be carefull when purchasing other power chucks.
Most and some don't already come tooled up and they have odd critical dimensions on the jaws which makes them very expensive in the long turning life of the power chuck.