14" dake model super 350 ce cold saw


Subject: 14" dake model super 350 ce cold saw
The most useful tool for the home builder, small, or medium sized shop. Ideal for chassis fabrication, yet the larger capacity gives greater flexibility. There are no sparks and no heat during cutting. Your part is left with a high-tolerance, machined-like finish - no need to mill, sand, or smooth the end. You can also use the miter feature to cut perfect notches for tubing. We used a few different Dake machines to create many of the parts of the sand rail seen in the photos below. Other sizes and styles are also available.
Maximum Blade Size: 14 in. with 32mm arbor
Minimum Blade Size: 12 in. with 32mm arbor
Minimum/Maximum Spindle RPM: 22 RPM /44 RPM / 88 RPM
Vise: Cam activated / Optional pneumatic
Maximum Vise Opening: 6 5/8
Miter Cutting Capabilities: 60° left and 45° right
Controls: CE Certified 24 volt
90° 4 3/4 in. 4 1/8 in. 6 1/4 in. x 3-1/2 in.
45° Left 4 in. 3-3/8 in 3-3/8 in. x 2-3/4 in.
45° Right 4 in. 3-3/8 in 3-3/8 in. x 2-3/4 in.
The saw will be wired either 230 volt, 3 phase or 460 volt, 3 phase. Machine should be wired to main service by a qualified Electrician.
· Available 230 or 460 volt, 3 phase.
· 20 amp service for 230 volt machine.
· 16 amp service for 460 volt machine.
· 90 PSI with optional pneumatic vise
3. No special operating temperature level.
· Flood type unit built into the machine. (Mechanical)
· Majority of spare parts available on next-day basis.
Loading table with protective cover plates - 78 in.: $505
Unloading table - 78 in. with scale and positive stop: $685
Blade starter pack, three HSS 14 (120, 180 and 280 tooth): $580
Other pitch blades available (call for pricing)
Pneumatic Vise (factory installed): $1,355
Highland Machinery offers a complete line of Dake equipment. Services include:
* Pre-Sales Support - All the information you need to make a decision.
* Test Cuts and Press Evaluations - You send us your material/parts, and we return the parts within 48 hours along with a written evaluation of:
* Model used and recommended
* Cutting/pressing criteria
* Blade type or tonnage used
* Fixture recommendation
* In-House Hands-On Demonstration - Visit us to use a Dake machine in person.
* After-Sales Support - Includes set-up training sessions and machine and process information.
Other Cold Saws Available Include:
* Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operation
* High tolerance, mill-grade cut quality
* 10" - 14-1/2" blade sizes to cut up to 4" round and 4" x 7" flat
* Heavy-duty spindle and gearbox
* Come standard with blade, tool kit, coolant, pedestal base, adjustable stop, instruction/service manual, and saw blade selector calculator
For any questions, please contact Jim Patterson or C J Pawlowski at
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