14.5" band saw, roll-in ef-1459 vertical, 1 h


Subject: 14.5" band saw, roll-in ef-1459 vertical, 1 h
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14.5" BAND SAW, Roll-In EF-1459 Vertical, 1 H
14.5" BAND SAW, Roll-In EF-1459 Vertical, 1 H
Here’s “The Original - Model EF1459 - The Bandsaw that Cuts
Metals, Plastics and Woods Safely and Efficiently
Roll-In Saw built its reputation on the versatility and durability of
this terrific bandsaw - the EF1459, a.k.a, “The Original. This was
the first saw in America to use a patented gravity-feed system that
The EF1459 is actually a horizontal bandsaw on a vertical frame.
An all-purpose band saw, it handles all metals, plastics, and woods
in a wide variety of cuts. It is a fast, accurate cut-off machine that
is perfect for notching, slitting, and slotting. A reliable addition to
your shop floor, this bandsaw doubles as a contour, profile, and
The EF1459 band saw has a capacity of 14½ inches under the
guides and a 9 inch cut. The blade and vertical column travel on
an inclined track that feeds into the cut in a straight path. Gravity
enables the blade to find its most efficient feed rate.
Counterweight control provides adjustment for optimum cutting
pressure and long blade life. The work piece remains stationary
and your hands need not be in the cutting area during cut-off, an
Hydraulic Feed Control and Blade Shield
The Roll-In Saw Vertical EF1459 is equipped with a hydraulic
safety feed regulator and adjustable saw blade guard. An
adjustable stop can be pre-set to control the depth that the blade
High Quality Yet Cost-Effective
The Roll-In Saw EF1459 is equipped with a large, rigid 18 ½ inch
x 30 inch precision-ground table. Hardened grooved roller guides
allow blades from ¼ to ¾ inch wide without adjustment. Blade
wheels have rubber tires to prevent blade slippage. The bandsaw
comes furnished with an angle plate swivel work block, large C-
clamp, blade/speed selector chart, blade, one horsepower motor
and switch. It is available in either 110V or 220V single-phase, or
220V or 440V three-phase options.
Blade Travel 9 blade travel into work
Blade Length ¾ x 8/12T x 10' .035 thick (bi-metal)
Blade Guards Covers 4 step pulleys and blade
Guide Rollers for Blade Width 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4
Blade Speeds 70, 140, 270 and 525 fpm
Table Precision ground, cast iron table, 18 ½ x 30
Wheels Cast iron, 14 x 1 1/8
Wheel Tires Replaceable rubber
Motor 1 HP, 110/220V, 60-cycle single-phase; 1 HP 220/440V, 60
Dimensions 30W x 66H x 40L
1 Guide Rollers Saw Master® Accessory Package
Casters 4 Per Set Side Panels (Pair)
Contour Guide Assembly 1 or 5/8 Welder, Grinder and Shear/Bench Model
Machine Location: HARRISON, NJ
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