12 valve federal rotary mono-blocked filler\capper


Subject: 12 valve federal rotary mono-blocked filler\capper
1ea Federal 12v-3 Rotary Monobloc Filler with 3 head Rotary 38mm Screw Capping Turret
The Filler is Sn-1198G123LA513 and is Right to Left Feed thru the Filler\Capper - Gallon Pitch -
The Base is 35" wide x 66" Long - Float Controls are Tri-Clover Type 30-103-316, Sn-300465-01 -
Valve to Valve Centers are 8" (28mm valves are on the machine now) - Conveyor Ht is 37.25" -
Filler Over All Dimensions are 67" L x 48" W x 87.5" H with Lid, Float Control & Infeed Piping -
1ea Set of 9\16" Valves for 28mm Container Openings -
1ea Set if 1" Valves for 38mm Container Openings -
1ea Zalkin Vibratory Cap Sorter Bowl & Stand, Mfg Date 1986, Sn-T3304, Type-GC -
1ea Chute for 38mm Flat Plastic Caps - 1ea Photo Eye by Omron Model E3A2R3M4D -
1ea Plastic Ball Valve 1.5" - New Set of Rubber for 28mm Valves - New "O" Rings for 38mm -
Change Parts for the Following Containers:
Round 500ml PET, Round 1L\!.5L PET, Round 20oz PET, Round Quart HDPE, Square Gallon HDPE and
there appears to be a conversion plate for 1\2 Gallon Square HDPE as well -
The PET Change Parts appear to be NEW - The Condition of the Filler is Very Good - Photos -