12" surface grinder, supertec planotec 1224CI


Subject: 12" surface grinder, supertec planotec 1224CI
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- All essential castings are rib reinforced to provide a rigid
machine structure for long lasting accuracy and stability.
- The precision cartridge spindle is equipped with a total of 4
preloaded class 7 (p4) super precision angular contact ball
bearings to ensure high accuracy and superior grinding finish.
- Spindle, couplings, and 7.5 HP spindle motor are precisely
balanced for low vibration and powerful output to achieve
- Double V saddle and table ways are Turcite-B coated and precisely
hand scraped to provide smooth movement, better accuracy and
- Both saddle and table travel on Hydrostatic ways, a cushion of oil
with no metal-to-metal contact, providing excellent way longevity
- The rigid wheelhead travels on linear slideways and is precisely
positioned with an AC servo motor and precision ballscrew to
ensure better downfeed repeatability. The smallest downfeed
- The crossfeed mechanism incorporates a precision ballscrew, and
AC inverter to provide smooth, accurate crossfeed and allows
criss-cross grinding for better workpiece finish.
- The hydraulic & coolant systems are separated from the machine
to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat better. A heat exchanger
is used on the hydraulic system to maintain optimum oil temperature.
- All moving surfaces and rotating parts are continuously lubricated
by an auto-lube system to ensure long service life and maintain
maximum accuracy. An alarm light will illuminate if oil pressure
drops below recommended pressure.
- Mitsubishi PLC control uses a menu-driven LCD touch screen is
easy to learn and easy to set up. Simply fill in the blanks to set
total grinding amount, rough increment, fine increment, sparkout
passes, feeding direction, parking position, wheelhead retract
distance, and press cycle start to complete an automatic grinding
- Grinding cycles for CII model: semi-automatic, surface, plunge,
- Distance from table surface to spindle center: 24
- Standard magnetic chuck size: 12 x 24
- Table speed (infinitely variable): 10 - 82 fpm
- Auto traverse increment: 0.02 - 0.32
- Handwheel per graduation: 0.001
- Handwheel per revolution: 0.2
- Automatic infeed: 0.000010 - 0.01
- handwheel per graduation (MPG): 0.000010/0.0001/0.001
- handwheel per revolution (MPG): 0.001/0.01/0.1
- Wheel size: 14 x 2 x 5
- Elevating motor: (servo motor) 1.33 HP (1 KW)
- Net weight (approx.): 7,330 lbs
- Gross weight (approx.): 8,000 lbs
- Packing Dimension (L x W x H): 90 x 83 x 90
- Hydraulic system w/cooling fan
- Operatorís manual & parts lists
- Electromagnetic chuck (12 x 24)
- Auto demagnetizer (for electric chuck)
- Permanent magnetic chuck (12 x 24)
- Manual demagnetizer (for permanent chuck use)
- O.S. Walker ceramax permanent chuck (fine pole, 12 x 24)
- O.S. Walker LBP (fine pole, 12 x 24)
- Control for O.S. Walker chuck
- Coolant system (58L capacity)
- Coolant system (98L capacity)
- Coolant system w/mag. sep. & paper filter (20L/min, 80L)
- Coolant system w/mag. sep. & paper filter (60L/min, 140L)
- Coolant system w/magnetic separator (20L/min, 58L)
- Coolant system w/magnetic separator (40L/min, 98L)
- Coolant system w/paper filter (20L/min, 80L)
- Coolant system w/paper filter (60L/min, 140L)
- Combine coolant & dust collector
- Manual parallel dressing attachment
- Hydraulic parallel dressing attachment
- Overhead parallel dress. w/auto compensation
- Two axis (Z & Y axis) digital readout
- One axis (Elevating) digital readout
- Balancing stand (straight type)
- Balancing stand (roller type, 20)
- Variable spindle speeds for wheelhead by AC frequency control
Machine Location: HARRISON, NJ
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