12" engine lathe, stanko 1A983X3000 31.5" x 1


Subject: 12" engine lathe, stanko 1A983X3000 31.5" x 1
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12" ENGINE LATHE, Stanko 1A983x3000 31.5" x 1
12" ENGINE LATHE, Stanko 1A983x3000 31.5" x 1
Taper Turning Attachment For Taper Threading
4-Position Tool Post with Hirth Couplings
Two 28" Four-Jaw Power Chucks (front & rear)
Operations & Maintenance Manuals
CSA/UL Approved North American Electrics
The compound slide is fitted with a sub slide, which is
actuated hydraulically in the cross-movement (Y-axis).
This essentially moves the tool post away from the work
piece upon actuation of the hydraulic cylinder.
The system is set up using electrical micro stops both on
The Omron microprocessor control is programed to perform a
'box cycle' operation. By use of a toggle switch on the
control panel, a "continuous" or "single" box cycle can be
selected. A second toggle switch selects Position I right
hand thread internal/left hand thread external; Position II
left hand thread internal/right hand thread external.
The depth of thread is determined by the operator, putting
on the cut during the retracted part of the cycle.
The angle of taper is determined by the heavy-duty "fully
jibbed" taper turning attachment.
The reversal of the apron is accomplished by lead screw
reversal and a one-postision clutch in te feed box
assembly. This ensures there will not be any pitch error
in the manufactured thread, which can occur on lead screw
disengagement systems offered by some manufacturers.
Diameter of pipe to be machined
- without taper turning attachment: 118"
- with taper turning attachment: 19.7"
Swing over the cross slide: 18"
Outside diameter of chucks: 28"
Pitch of thread to be cut: 2-28 TPI
Tailstock spindle travel: 9.45"
Spindle speed range: 8-355 RPM
Workpiece clamping motor: 2.3 HP
Quality Stanko machine tools are fitted with North American
acquired control systems. These system are inspected by
Canadian Standards Association (C.S.A.). This
certification meets all Canadian and U.S.A. regulatory
demands as outlined by U.L. and Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA) as they apply to electrical
installation of equipment to machine tools.
PRICE: Model 1A983x3000: 118" between centers: $91,500 USF
Automatic threading cycles................ $16,050 USF
6" Follow Rest............................ $ 1,350 USF
13.7" Steady Rest......................... $ 2,240 USF
Outboard Steady Rest...................... $ 3,990 USF
Quick-change tool post.................... $POR
- Fagor NVK20 (2-axis) DRO System....... $ 1,890 USF
- Upgrade to NV300T (2-axis) DRO System.. $ 280 USF
Other Digita Readout Systems Available Upon Request.
Packaging and preparation for transport, freight, heavy-
lift, installation and all applicable taxes are extra. A
separate quotation for packaging and preparation,
transport, and installation will be submitted upon
Free on truck, Toronto plant. At present, machine are
available for transport within:
Model: 1A983x3000: 118" centers............... 2-3 weeks
from the date of receipt and acceptance of firm purchase
The above price does not include preparation, tranport-
The machine carries a parts only warranty against defective
parts and materials for a period of 12 months.
Spare parts (FOB Toronto) and experienced mechanical and
electrical representatives are available from manufacturer's
pre-service and retrofit facilities in Toronto, at
Thank you for the opportunity of presenting the above offer
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