12-1/2" bison super spacer h/v+ dividing plates +


Subject: 12-1/2" bison super spacer h/v+ dividing plates +
New Imporved Horzontial / Vertical Super Spacers with Quick change dividing plates are desighned for milling, drilling, jig boring and related maching operations.
Fixtures are also used to index parts which are being inspected.
High accuracy, versatility, a wide range of accessories and long life make this fixture invaluable in the work shop and indispenable in the toolroom.
a) Angular indexing: can be preformed through the graduated ring from 0 to 360 in increaments of 1
b) Direct indexing: is done by means of a spical dividing mechanism.
This premits divisions in 2,3,4,6,8,12,& 24
without any disassembly operations.
c) Special indexing: To obtain divisions not above, the manufactue offers an additional quick change dividing plates which can easily mounted to the super spacer.
* Maximum total spacing error 2"
Squareness (base to chuck) .0008" max
Mounting flange concentricity .0008"
3 Jaw Bison Self Centering 12-1/2" Chuck