12,000 # hydraulic loading dock scissors-lift elevator


Subject: 12,000 # hydraulic loading dock scissors-lift elevator
BIG 12,000 pound hydraulic loading dock scissors-lift platform.
This is a 12 foot by 6 foot hydraulic scissors-lift platform with 60 inches of vertical travel. A common usage for this is to move a forklift from one level to another, particularly where there is not enough room to install a ramp. An example would be to get a forklift from a truck-high dock to the parking lot and back. Another is for those that don't have room for a truck-high dock-you can take a loaded forklift (This unit has the capacity to lift a typical 4 or 5K capacity forklift and its load) from the warehouse floor up to the height of a freight truck so the forklift can drive right on in and drop or pickup a load in the truck.
As shown here, the hydraulic power supply for the unit is shown in the extreme lower left corner above. The first image shows the lift in the full down position. The image below shows it nearly full up. In these images, the lift is only blocked level and sitting on the surface. Normal installation would have it anchored to the concrete below. One would also normally install it in a shallow pit so that the deck surface was level with the driving surface or a ramp would be made to one or both ends to facilitate driving a load on (You can't drive onto it with it sitting on the surface without using some sort of auxiliary ramp as we did to load the forklift shown below.)
No, the forklift is not included-it already sold. It is shown to demonstrate how we have used a lift like this to load heavy items on a truck (this 8000 pound capacity forklift weighed about 12,000 pounds and the hydraulic dock handled it just great.) More images of loading the forklift are at the end of the other images.
Note that this unit comes without any safety accessories (except for the service block to keep it from coming down when raised). The user will have to determine what safety features need to be installed based on the specific installation (per local codes and OSHA). There are 3 rail mounting pads on each side for installing hand rails so people don't just step off the edge when raised. There are skirt switch mounts on each side that can be used to stop downward motion if something is detected when lowering. NOTE THAT THERE CAN BE LETHAL CONSEQUENCES IF THE UNIT IS LOWERED WITH ANYONE OR ANYTHING UNDERNEATH. THE PURCHASER MUST TAKE WHAT EVER PRECAUTIONS ARE NECESSARY TO INSURE THAT THE UNIT CAN NEVER BE LOWERED WITH SOMEONE OF SOMETHING IN THE PATH OF TRAVEL OF THE PLATFORM AND MECHANISM!
The platform is 6 foot wide and 12 feet long.
The lip is about 18 inches. The fully lowered height is about 12 inches (72 inches raised).
The hydraulic power supply is 5 horsepower 3 phase. Other hydraulic power supply options-such as single-phase- maybe substituted for nominal additional cost.
Again, the forklift is not included. It is just shown to illustrated how we have used the hydraulic dock.
We drove the forklift up on the hydraulic lift. Then we raised it up and backed the trailer under the edge. We then lowered the dock to the truck level and drove the forklift off onto the truck deck (18-wheeler semi-trailer).
Normally, one would anchor the bottom of the lift to a concrete base and not back the trailer under the lift platform (just under the ramp lip). Since this was just a temporary use, we did not anchor the lift and used the semi-trailer to insure that the lift would not tip when the load got all the way to the end.
Additional similar items maybe listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your big hydraulic dock lift application.
Condition is good used working as shown. Safety features not installed as noted above and below. Controls are not included as these are site/installation/safety specific (we may be able to make suggestions, etc. but you will need approval from your local code inspector).
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