101" press brake tooling platen & base~3500# t-slot+mat


Subject: 101" press brake tooling platen & base~3500# t-slot+mat
101" Press Brake Tooling Platen & Base for two-sided Pattern Punch Press tooling. T-Slot base and bolt-hole matrix top. Great metal working tooling at near raw material cost.
This is a kind of universal tooling holder tooling. With T-slots on the bottom and a bolt hole matrix above, you can mount just about anything you want. One application is to mount a collection of small tooling pairs so you have a progressive series of stations along the brake. The work can then be taken from one station to the next-sort of like a poor-man's turret punch press except that the work is being moved by hand instead of the tooling being moved by the machine.
This tooling assembly weighs just under 3500 pounds.
We have tried to show this tooling from a variety of angles. The gray bracing actually goes under the t-slot base, rotated 180 degrees. The yellow angle bracing should be sitting on top the bolt-hole-matrix plate.
The bolt thread matrix takes 3/8-16 thread. The holes are about 1.5" on-center each way.
Both the T-Slot Base and bolt matrix top are about 18 inches across by 101 inches long.
The double angle supports for the top and bottom plates are about 15" across and 7.5 inches tall when bolted together. The press brake this was on had a 3" wide tool holder section so when fitted to it, the angle supports came out the the 18 inch with of the top and bottom plates.
The plates are about 2" thick.
The bolts below held this tooling on to the press break it came off.
Additional similar items maybe listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your metal working tooling application.
Condition looks good used as shown above. Just taken off an operating press brake.
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