10' x 5/16" barcorp (baykal) hydraulic shear (used)


Subject: 10' x 5/16" barcorp (baykal) hydraulic shear (used)
One Preowned Barcorp (Baykal) Hydraulic Power Squaring Shear Swing-Beam Type
Capacity: 10' x 5/16" mild steel - 10' x 3/16" stainless steel
Strokes per minute - full length: 10
Back gauge range: 25" swing up type
Motor: 25 HP 220/440 volt 3 phase
Floor area - L x W x H: 144" x 75" x 65"
Approximate weight: 13,000 lbs
PROGRAMMABLE NC Backgauge, Inch/Metric switchable, can be programmed with the size
and quantity of cuts of up to 10 different parts. Each part size in memory has an
associated count-down cut counter that is programmed to a maximum of 99 cuts per size.
The control counts down to zero from the pre-set quantity and then automatically
positions the gauge bar to the next part size. In this way, the control cycles through
each of the 10 part sizes allowing for a maximum of 10 parts x 99 cuts/part or 990 parts
to be programmed. The control can be set to automatically repeat the program at its end.
Display resolution is 0.001 inch / 0.01mm.
Backgauge bar lifts up automatically at the end of its travel allowing the entry of
plates into the shear which are longer than the backgauge bar travel.
HCHC top and bottom blades: Top blade - two edged / Bottom blade - four edged
Independent hydraulic holddowns
Infinitely adjustable cutting length
Foot pedal control for both single or continuous stroking
Inching control via push buttons
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