10" industrial power drive bead roller by mittler bros


Subject: 10" industrial power drive bead roller by mittler bros
10" Throat Industrial Tube Beading Machine by Mittler Bros.
* Large 1-1/8" Throat Height
* 2x3x3/16" Wall Construction
* Heat Treated Gears for Long Life
Make edges on rounded wheel-well openings as well as straight edges stronger, safer and more professional in appearance with Hem Rolls. This easy, three-step process creates hem rolls approximately 1/4" deep on steel or aluminum. All rolls are heat-treated for lifetime service.
Hem Rolls (set of three)............................
Largest Selection of Rolls to Choose From $105 each.
Available in Heat Treated Steel
Built in edge guide makes a tough job easier. Designed to roll a strengthening bend around the edge of the panel, also works good for wheel well openings.
Doing light gauge material? We offer powered units for .040 mildsteel (.050 aluminum) starting at $550. Call or email me for details!
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