$1 million *real* established website business for sale


Subject: $1 million *real* established website business for sale
The entire Leap-Host Network is FOR SALE...
Turnkey-Examples.com Home Page
This is a serious money making business that I have built up over the last 3 years. This is TRUE RESIDUAL INCOME! NO B.S., NO GIMMICKS! Financial statements available to prove everything...see below.
SELLING PRICE - $199,000 or best offer
1 - How much does this business currently make?
3 - 2006 Google AdSense Revenue - about $2100
4 - 2006 Affiliate Programs/Products Revenue - about $7300
5 - LeapLance.com Revenue - $1200
2 - Other marketing...VERY rarely...but I'll say $200/month - $2400
2 - Server leasing (2 servers) $270.20/month - $3482.40
3 - Programmer fees, server maintenance fees, etc. I have programmers that fix server problems and build new websites and fix problems on old sites and other various things...approx. $800/month - $9600
Therefore, INCOME ($101,055.57) minus EXPENSES ($19,082.40) equals -
TOTAL NET PROFIT - $81,973.17 for 2006
2 - How did you determine the value of this website and the selling price?
The value was determined by using the standard multiplier of 10x to determine value (10x $81,973.17 PROFIT last year = $819,732) as you can see in this article:
http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol151/selling.htm (opens in new window)
Then take into consideration that:
#1 - The Leap Network is a fully branded business...it's getting to be well known on the internet.
#2 - you are getting 56 other "turnkey" websites (full scripts), which can all be seen at Turnkey-Examples.com. You can use these yourself to make little "mini-sites" if you wish, but the main purpose is to sell them to help others start their web businesses and to get you monthly (residual) hosting income!
#4 - You are getting 5 domain names of which 4 are SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED! Many pages of our websites rank in the TOP 10 in Yahoo & Google!
#7 - ALSO, there are setup instructions/marketing manuals for every website that we sell. They can be seen at www.Leap-Host.com/setup-instructions/. These instructions are full of recommendations for different products and they are embedded with affiliate links....so you can earn extra affiliate income when people click on links there!
Taking all those things into consideration, that value of this business is worth WELL over $1 MILLION DOLLARS, therefore, a price of $199,000 was a very reasonable asking price.
3 - How long has this business been established?
This business has been established for 3 years and consistently grows on a monthly basis.
4 - How much work is involved in daily operations?
Minimum of 2 to 4 hours a day once you know what you are doing. You will need to answer emails and install websites (or I can recommend someone to you that you can pay to install the websites inexpensively). Also, you will need to check on the server everyday and make sure it doesn't need to be rebooted.
If you want to work more, you can make more. If you are creative, I can show you how to turn your ideas into working websites and make a fortune with them!
5 - Why are you selling this business?
Unfortunately, I have to move on because I bit off more than I could chew. I used some of my profits from the internet and started a retail sports store. I have recently moved this sports store into a major shopping mall and have signed a 3 year lease. This is literally taking up ALL my time and I cannot focus on the internet business and answering emails anymore. This internet job is MUCH easier and I wish I could go back and focus more on it than the sports store, BUT I signed a 3 year lease...so I must focus on the new sports business now.
6 - What kind of training will you provide upon the sale of this business?
FULL training needed to run the business. You can do this with one person, but I recommend two people if you have someone you can trust and stay on the same page with. I will also give you all kinds of ideas, advice, and TESTED money making info.
ALSO, if you need to reboot the server, need software installed, or need upgrades, I will give you the link to where all you will need to do is fill out a quick form. Most things will be free, but sometimes it will cost a little for special circumstances.
This is what is included with the sale of this business:
www.Leap-Host.com - the domain name & all scripts/files associated with it. This is our MAIN site where all the orders are placed and where people sign up for web hosting.
www.Turnkey-Examples.com - the domain name & all scripts/files associated with it. This is where we have all of our DEMO websites. You can go take a look at the home page of this site...you will get every last website here that we sell...they will all be yours.
www.LeapOnIt.com - the domain name & all scripts/files associated with it. This is our sales page for when we do advertising/marketing.
www.LeapSurf.com - the domain name & all scripts/files associated with it.
www.LeapLance.com - the domain name & all scripts/files associated with it
3 full months of personal training and an additional 3 months of support...so 6 full months of training & support
A "non-compete clause" signed by myself that I will not go start another business like this and compete with you. I will not be doing any online business due to my new retail store which I have a 3-year lease on.
You can see all the websites I sell at Turnkey-Examples.com or http://Turnkey.Leap-Host.com, but here are a few screen shots of some:
Please send all questions to ...OR... Yahoo ID is "LeapHost" and AIM is "LeapSurf" ...OR...we can talk over the phone...just send me an email with your phone number (and best time to call) and I will give you a call.
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