Zimmer/hall arthroscopic shaver system


Subject: Zimmer/hall arthroscopic shaver system
Zimmer/Hall Arthroscopic Shaver System
Zimmer Hall APS Intra Articulator Arthroscopic Surgical Unit. Like Brand New!!!!
* Zimmer Hall 5039-22 Articular Power Supply
* 5039-27 Low Speed Hand Piece
* 5039-26 Hi Speed Hand Piece
* 5025-12 Sterilization Case
* APS Power Converter Transformer (converts 220 to 110)
* 1 ea 5039-245 Flat End Cutter
* 3 ea 3.2mm Flat End Cutter
* 3 ea 5039-248 4.8mm Flat End Cutter
* 2 ea 5039-247 3.2mm Side Cutter
* 3 ea 5039-250 4.8mm Side Cutter
* 12 ea 5039-36 25mm Cannula
* 12 ea 5039-37 40mm Cannula
* 12 ea 5039-38 75mm Cannula
* Electrical & Mechanical Assembly Detail Instructions
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