Zeiss epi inspection microscope/teaching tube/phototube


Subject: Zeiss epi inspection microscope/teaching tube/phototube
Zeiss EPI Inspection Microscope/Teaching Tube/Phototube
Stage: The stage can hold a 6" silicon wafer and has 6" of travel in x and y.
Stand: The heavy cast aluminum stand is not Zeiss but was designed especially for the microelectronics industry. All optics are Zeiss. I received this communication from Zeiss concerning this microscope, after sending them photos:
Ingolf has sent your request to me regarding this microscope. It was built by another company, no longer operating, by using many Zeiss components. It was used in wafer inspection usually with one trinocular phototube. This seems to be a co-observation system maybe for discussion of defects on wafers.
Best rgds, Tom Calahan Product Marketing Mgr.
* Zeiss 4x Epiplan HD brightfield/darkfield
* Zeiss 16x Epiplan HD brightfield/darkfield
* Zeiss 40x LD Epiplan HD brightfield/darkfield/long working distance
* Zeiss 80x Epiplan HD brightfield/darkfield
Eyepieces: Four Zeiss Kpl-W10x/18 goggles plus one Zeiss S-Kpl 10x/20 goggles in the phototube
Trinocular phototube: Both eye tubes have a phototube. This phototube is focussable and can accept any camera attachment that can fit into a 23mm eye tube. Eye tube inclination is 30 degrees.
Condition: This microscope is in great condition. It was procured from a major microelectronics manufacturer and was evidently well cared for. All optics are bright and clear, and have no delamination, scratches, fog, or other detracting features. The stage operates smoothly as do all mechanical fittings. All four eyepieces are adjustable.
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