Yamaha YG2600 industrial generator


Subject: Yamaha YG2600 industrial generator
Yamaha YG2600 Industrial Generator
Front panel is damaged and broke, but is in good working order!!
The YG2600 generator is the smallest
generator in the Industrial Generator line up.
Though small in size, it still retains many of
the features that the larger generators have.
Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI).
4 point anti vibration mounting system.
The new 171cc 4-stroke, OHV engine
combines 2,600 watts maximum AC output
with outstanding fuel efficiency, allowing 17.5
hours* of continuous operation on a tank of fuel.
The transistor controlled ignition system and
the brushless alternator are dependable and
The automatic oil warning system shuts down
the engine to prevent damage, should the oil
level become too low. The engine cannot be
restarted until oil has been added, preventing
engine damage, costly repairs, and unit down time.
An electrical interference suppressor controls
interference with TV and radio.
The automatic decompression system helps to
A USFS approved spark arrestor prevents the
release of sparks from the exhaust.
The easy-to-read fuel gauge shows the fuel
An oil-filled, non-fused thermal breaker
protects the AC circuit in case of an overload.
The full cage chrome-plated, tubular steel
frame cleans easily and offers rugged
protection. An electric cord hook secures