Yale 6000# pneumatic tire forklift mule slant 6


Subject: Yale 6000# pneumatic tire forklift mule slant 6
YALE 6000# Pneumatic tire FORKLIFT MULE Slant 6
Manufactured by Eaton Yale & Towne - Philidelphia, PA
I purchased this lift for a job that I needed a lift onsite but the job never materialized. It was just serviced and checked over, they did routine maintenance and found a leaking steering cylinder which they repaired. The bill was over $700 for everything. Has not been driven since service which was done mid 2006.
8.25x15 NHS Drive tires that are about 9" wide and 32" tall. That's big. The Steer tires are 7.00x12 NHS that are 7.5" wide and 25" tall.
Hours are 0546 but I think the meter has been changed so I'm not sure of the hours.
Dimensions – 105" from rear to front edge of boom (add 48" of fork and it's 153" or so) x 54" Wide x 89" Tall
Capacity -6000# - Forks are 6" wide x 2" thick and 48" long.
Operating Condition rated at 85% from new. Everything works as it's suppose to - this is really a nice lift.
Appearance rated at 85 % from new. It has been painted and looks pretty good.
Note to scammers - You will find easier prey elsewhere.
If there are further questions email or call me, Eric Lee
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