Xerox 8850 synergix engineering copier plotter scanner


Subject: Xerox 8850 synergix engineering copier plotter scanner
* Digital printing fast enough to meet both heavy production demands and a high volume of on-demand printing
* Provides exceptional image quality to increase the readability of engineering documents in all lighting conditions
* Advanced toner technology ensures darker lines and blacker, more consistent solids
* Automatic switching from one roll to another minimizes trimming requirements and enables longer continuous unattended operation
* Printer runs cleaner and more reliably, for longer product life
* Prints up to 10 D-size prints per minute
* Three media rolls and cut sheet bypass
* True 400 dpi resolution and 256 grayscales
* Supports the full width of the media for consistent edge-to-edge contact with the photoreceptor
* Fully integrated finishing with an optional Online Folder and High Capacity Stacker
* Medium- to large-size departments
* Environments with high volumes or demanding turnaround times
* Ideal for challenging fine-line images that may need to be read in difficult outdoor lighting conditions
* Process/Imaging: Xerographic LED
* Throughput: Up to 10 D-size (A1) and 5 E-size (A0) per minute
* Recommended average monthly volume: 24,000 linear feet
* Memory: 128 MB standard; expandable up to 512 MB
* Hard Disk: 18.1 GB IDE, internal drive
* IEEE 1284 Bi-directional Centronics
* 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (TCP/IP)
* 1394 Firewire Interface
* Optional Ultra wide SCSI
* Optional External Print Server
* Standard Catch Tray: 100 prints
* Optional Online Folder: 88 Series Folder outputs up to 100 folded E-size documents
* Optional High Capacity Stacker: Stacker 1000 stacks up to 1,000 mixed size prints
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