Xerox 8830 dds engineering plotter copier w scanner


Subject: Xerox 8830 dds engineering plotter copier w scanner
The print performance value you can't afford to pass up.
It's 50% faster than other mid-volume digital printers. It's designed to print all of your documents from A-size specification sheets to E-size engineering drawings. Featuring true 400 dpi resolution, the Xerox 8830 guarantees exceptional print quality and legibility, and the powerful controller supports a variety of industry-standard hardware interfaces, data formats, and network connectivity options.
Boost your productivity. Print 50% faster.
With its world-class print engine and high-powered controller, the Xerox 8830 gives you the throughput speed you need to significantly reduce job turnaround times and meet critical deadlines. The printer's robust controller drives the printing process 50% faster than other mid-volume digital printers, and sustains its superior speeds regardless of file complexity.
The Xerox 8830's three-roll media capacity will also impact your overall productivity.
It enables you to print finished sets from A-E size, without the extra time and labor required for trimming prints or changing media rolls in the middle of a print job. When loaded with the same size and type of media, the Xerox 8830 features auto roll switching, making you more productive when printing large jobs. The Xerox-patented development technology featured on the Xerox 8830 eliminates the need to change developer, lowering your maintenance costs and maximizing your uptime. In addition, this unique technology contributes to the quality and consistency of the printer's output.
Superior image quality with 400 dpi resolution.
In mixed sizes and formats, from quick check plots to large sets, on a variety of media, the Xerox 8830 gives you high-quality output print after print. The printer features true 400 dpi resolution, giving your documents superior legibility with consistent, uniform fine lines, smooth curves, and crisp, clear alphanumerics. The Xerox 8830 also features true single-pixel lines for exceptional detail and shading. In addition, its halftoning capabilities give you excellent gray scale representations of printed files from color applications such as architectural renderings, 3-D models, and GIS maps.
Simple, flexible system integration.
Print documents from your desktop.
The Xerox 8830 controller features a complete set of client software that enables a seamless print path for most network users. The Printer Manager Tool on the Xerox 8830 gives your systems administrator remote access to the printer for job queue management. It also enables users to view the print queue directly from their PC. You can also print data files directly from your workstation. The Xerox 8830 Document Submission Tool provides a simple user interface that enables you to construct a job composed of one or more data files, set up the print options, and print your job right from your desktop.
The better way to get work done
With its world-class print engine and high-powered AccXES™ Controller, the Xerox 8830 gives you the throughput speed you need to significantly reduce job turnaround times and meet critical deadlines. The 8830 has been designed with connectivity in mind to ensure smooth, easy integration into your systems.
* Fast 3 ips printing yields 7D size prints per minute
* Productivity features reduce document bottlenecks
* 3-roll media capacity with auto roll switching
* Prints finished sets from A-E with no trimming required
* Exceptional print quality of 400 dpi and 33 levels of gray
* Unique AccXES® Controller allows seamless links to optional XES scanning and finishing equipment
* Simple, flexible integration into network environments with TCP/IP
Options including memory upgrade path to 192 MB, 4.5 GB Ultra SCSI hard disk drive and a network interface card for Novell, NetBEUI and Ethertalk
Additional SDRAM Modules in 64 Mb Increments; 4.5 Gb, Ultra SCSI, 7200 rpm, internal drive; Stacker 1000; Online Folder; Adobe PostScript 3, 10 mbs Network Interface Card (supports IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, and Ethertalk)
Process/Imaging: Xerographic LED
Media Supply: 3 Rolls, 500 ft; manual sheet bypass
Media Type: Bond, Vellum, Film
Output Size: Min: 8 1/2 x 11 inches Max: 36 inches x 48 feet up to 36 inches x 80 feet with additional memory or hard drive
Throughput: Up to 7 D / 3.5 E per minute
Power Requirements: 60 Hz: 115 V/16 A 50-60 Hz: 220/230-240 V / 10 A
Dimensions: 43” H x 57” W x 23” D
Finishing: Standard - Catch Tray-50 E/100 D Optional - Stacker 1000-up to 1000 mixed size prints; online folder
Memory: 64 Mb standard; expandable up to 192 Mb
Hard Disk: Optional - 4.5 Gb Ultra SCSI, 7200 rpm, internal drive
Data Formats: HP-GL; HP-GL/2; HP-RTL; CGM (Level 1 with ATA ext.); C4; FileNET; Versatec Data Standards (VRF, ordered vector, blocked raster, compacted raster); CalComp 906/907/951/PCI; TIFF 6.0; NIRS; CALS 1 & 2; compression types (for applicable raster formats): CCITT G4, G3-1D, G3-2D, Packbits, RLE, Seed Row, Adaptive; Optional Adobe PostScript 3
10/100 Ethernet (TCP/IP) supports 10/100 BaseT Optional - 10 mbs Network Interface Card supports 10 BaseT and 10 Base2
Network Protocols: Standard - TCP/IP with lpr/lpd Optional- Novell IPX/SPX
Pserver 3.1/4.1 with NDS; Ethertalk; NetBEUI
Client Software: ADI drivers for AutoCAD R12/13/14 Print Drivers for Win 95/98/NT Web Print Manager Tool for Win 95/98/NT/Solaris Document Submission Tool for
Win 95/98/NT Optional - Adobe PostScript 3 Drivers for Windows 95/98/NT
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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