X-rite 528 portable hand held spectrodensitometer


Subject: X-rite 528 portable hand held spectrodensitometer
For printers who print special colors and process color, the 528 is the basic model of choice. It has a full selection of densitometry capability plus several essential color features.
* Evaluate whether your special colors, densities, dot gains and other critical measures meet pre-established targets
* What PANTONEĀ® color is that? Match feature looks up the closest color in a swatch book you specify
* Get pre-set ink formulas for stored color libraries, or create and download your own using the included ColorMail Express software (for Windows)
* Establish or verify color management profiles using the color features; supported by many CMS packages
* Upgrade to add spectral data by using a simple keycode
* Only X-Rite lets you select a measurement aperture - microspot 1.6 x 3.2mm, small 2.0mm, medium 3.4mm or large 6.0mm